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Agness Walewinder

10 Must-See Sights in Languedoc-Roussillon

Explore Languedoc-Roussillon, from its history, pretty towns, rolling countryside, a generous stretch of coastline to views over to the Pyrenees mountains.

Coffee in Italy
Agness Walewinder

The Ultimate Guide to Coffee in Italy

Taking you through a brief introduction to coffee culture in Italy, what Italian coffee types there are, and what the most popular coffee in Italy is.

24 Hours in Split
Agness Walewinder

24 Hours in Split, Croatia

The third stop on our trip, Split in Croatia, was great. Here’s our guide to what Split has to offer to those interested in it.

Room at Hotel Grace, Medjugorje
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Agness Walewinder

A Review of Hotel Grace in Medjugorje

A review of the charming and hospitable Hotel Grace in Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina where Agness had a chance to stay together with her mom.

Agness Walewinder

A Mother and Daughter Visit Warsaw

Agness and her mother started a trip to 3 countries and 3 religious sites, the first thing to do though? Visit Warsaw. Here’s our guide.

Mikulov cover photo
Czech Republic
Agness Walewinder

Exploring Mikulov in Only a Few Hours

Mikulov is the perfect picturesque town located in the Czech Republic. Here’s what to do and where to go to experience this unique place like a local in only a few hours.

Bergheim, France
Agness Walewinder

France’s Hidden Gem of Bergheim

France’s countryside hides within it some of the most picturesque villages you will ever see. One of those is the Hidden Gem of Bergheim.