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Our Quest

Etramping’s vision is more than just a passion—it’s a dedication to inspire wanderlust in the realms of camping, backpacking, and cost-effective travel, encouraging adventurers and travellers to discover the uncharted on a budget.

Pioneering Guides

Etramping thrives under the guidance of seasoned campers, backpackers, and budget travel aficionados. We handpick these champions of travel for their unparalleled experience and expertise, ensuring they can convey intricate travel knowledge in a comprehensible and impartial manner. We commit to the authenticity of our content and are passionate about the things we advocate.

Embracing Diversity in Adventure

At Etramping, we’re all about inclusivity in the adventure spectrum. Our team comprises voices from all walks of life, ensuring that we embrace and represent every traveller’s perspective. From writers to photographers, our collaborative approach ensures diversity not just in topics but in every layer of our content. Dive into our Diversity Commitment to know more about our pledge.

The Editorial Journey

Every tale and tip you encounter on Etramping is a result of collaborative efforts by our adept editorial squad. Each piece undergoes thorough scrutiny to guarantee its accuracy, relevance, timeliness, and connection with the global traveler.

Review Team

Our Review team, populated with skilled travelers, campers, and budget-travel experts, takes the helm in reviewing content related to travel hacks, camping guidelines, and backpacking insights. Their relentless pursuit of perfection ensures every piece stands as a testament to genuine and updated information.

Fact Assurance

Our meticulous fact-checkers are the guardians of our content’s integrity. They exhaustively review each travel claim, hack, and statistic, trusting only the most authentic and updated sources in the travel industry.

Travel Chronicles

In the digital age where misinformation is rampant, Etramping pledges to be your trusted beacon for genuine and insightful travel news. Drawing from first-hand sources and backed by our proficient news team, we keep you updated with the most essential happenings and discoveries in camping, backpacking, and budget travel.

Sources and Citations

Our commitment to accuracy drives us to consult only the most reliable primary references, including esteemed travel journals, governmental tourism boards, and renowned travel associations.

Stay Updated

Etramping believes in evolving with the dynamic world of travel. Our content is consistently reassessed and rejuvenated, thanks to the insights from our Review Team, ensuring it mirrors the newest adventures, studies, and techniques in the travel arena.

Etramping Essence

We’re not just about travel; we’re about crafting unique journeys. Every story and guide on Etramping is designed to embolden you to travel smarter, farther, and more affordable. We’re your compass in navigating the vast world of travel, providing clarity amidst the chaos of information overload.

Your Adventure is Our Motive

Your quest for adventure is our driving force. We’re here every step of the way, and we value the trust you place in us. To delve deeper into our ethos, explore our foundational values.

We Value Your Perspective

Your insights keep our journey alive and invigorating. If you have any feedback or suggestions, do connect with us at [email protected].


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