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Hi there! Thank you for stopping by and nice to e-meet you. We’re glad to have you here and help you accomplish your travel dreams, no matter how big or small they are!

About Etramping

Etramping is a travel blog devoted to discovering and sharing the passion for outdoor adventure in all its forms. It’s a place for those who seek adrenaline and have curiosity for new destinations, who are eager to experience the world with all of their senses and aren’t afraid to make every day an unique escapade!

This is where experienced worldwide travelers share their inspiring stories, unique activities and crazy adventures from all around the world to ignite the Wanderlust in you and motivate you to start or continue your own journey.

Packed with pro budget-friendly travel tips, Etramping features amazing unknown places you never knew existed and no man dares to visit. In fact, you’ll find every single country in the world covered on Etramping. All of this to show you that adventure is worthwhile, the world isn’t as dangerous as you think and everyone can afford to travel.

Created by travelers for travelers and wannabe adventurers, we hope Etramping will become your ultimate source of travel inspiration, knowledge and fun.

Meet the Founders

Etramping was established by two travel buddies and best friends, Agness and Cez, who ditched their nine-to-five’s in favor of taking off for unique adventures around the world. Ever since 2011, that’s when it all started, we have been on the road and writing about it!

Important: WE ARE NOT A COUPLE (and can’t stress it enough)

The Beginnings

For Agness, the adventurous life started off with her first visit to China in August 2011. All she possessed was her luggage and a Lonely Planet book. She had no idea what to expect, but she knew there was a lot of curiosity to satisfy. She always wanted to travel, after all. Full of energy and ideas, trying to figure out how to manage to live and blend in on a different continent, Agness embarked on a quest to discover the new perspectives that travel provides in abundance!

For Cez, it didn’t start with a simple realisation “I want to travel”. It was more of a thought process that eventually led to that point. Long story short – he left for Vietnam with $400 and no return ticket. There’s still no intention to return!

Initially, money was the issue for Agness and Cez when they first started their journeys. They were both traveling for less than $25 a day becoming experts in budget backpacking. When Etramping was born, traveling on a shoestring budget was all they wrote about and shared with their audience. As they continued on their journeys, and got better in both planning the trips and earning money on the way, they overcome the boundary that the budget brings.

Etramping Now

Now, Etramping doesn’t necessarily focus on the budget anymore, it is the intensity and uniqueness of trips that matter the most for Agness and Cez. From the beautiful landscapes of Tibet, through the cycling trip across Vietnam, to the mysterious land of North Korea, and far beyond, Etramping strives to discover what others don’t believe is possible to do.

We are talking here about travel full of twists and unknown ahead and all-inclusive holidays have nothing to do with this. Traveling with a one-way ticket, backpack and hunger for real experiences, you may sometimes be seen as a tramp. Own up to this and be proud to be different and open. In return, you get the freedom to do exactly what you want to do!

Visiting North Korea

Landing on Etramping, you will discover an abundance of travel knowledge, tips, and first-hand experiences both from Agness and Cez as well as inspiring world-wide travelers and nomads.

What Makes Us Different

We differ from other travel sources by discussing topics that are rarely covered elsewhere and we pride ourselves on writing our honest opinions and staying true to our values, even when it isn’t the easiest route to take. You’ll always get the true picture from us and others, no matter how harsh it is.

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Agness and Cez


  • I am planning to do the same thing but I am 50 though and will retire early and take that route. When I come to think about this, I should have done this right after college but I guess its never too late to do what your heart desires. Found your blog very interesting and helpful. Good luck with your journey.

  • Wow! I had no idea that you guys have 3 other websites:

    1) fittravelling.com
    2) runagnessrun.com
    3) atuktuk.com

    And you also find time to do some guest blogging!?
    And, oh, by the way, you have to travel a lot too.
    How do you do it?! Where do you find the time!?
    You’re AMAZING!

  • It sounds like you guys are really living the dream. Congratulations. I will follow your journeys with interest. Where are you next off too? Perhaps you can submit a mystery photo to my regular Monday Post, and reach out to some of my followers. Pingbacks to all correct guesses. My readers love travel too!!

  • Hello Agness and Cez!
    A very nice site you have. Great layout. What blog theme are you using?

    John and Susan
    Boquete, Panama

  • When I was 20 years old I travelled around the word on Virgin Atlantic and Qantas. My route was London – Los Angeles – Honolulu- Fiji -Sydney – Adelaide overland to Cairns – Darwin -Singapore -London. I had a working holiday visa for Australia. From Singapore I travelled by sea and land to Indonesia plus Malaysia. I let out my cottage in the UK while I was away.

    Years later between two teaching contacts I booked a flight to New Zealand with Air New Zealand. They gave me a route to Los Angeles, French Polynesia and the Cook Islands. On my way back home I visited Samoa and Los Angeles again. Now I am age 45 years old I have my own children and we have term time for their schooling. Flights can be expensive in the school holidays.

  • Hi agness and cez, i am 17 years old, i am from italy and need help. I hate my job as a mason and i would like to make money with travelling. I love new places and new countries… I want to visit the whole world. This is my dream job and I ask you if there is a way to fullfill my dream?
    Best wishes Patrick Berger

    • Hi Patrick, there is always a way when you really want something. We wish you all the luck in the world in pursuing your dreams! Cheers.

  • Thank you Agness, but i have another question: Where should I go to start making money while travelling? I don’t know where i should go or who I should call? Please help me
    Best wishes Patrick

    • Hello! Im also a 17 year old aiming to travel the world in the future. I have read a lot about what paths are available to get to freedom and I personally will be teaching english online soon. I think it is a great way of getting money while location independent. If that isn’t for you though then maybe read a bit about social media marketing as you also don’t need any qualitications to get started. Moreover there are numerous ways to find work abroad including being an aupair. I hope I gave you some ideas ;)

  • Guys, I’ve just dropped in on your website and I HAVE TO say – honestly, it’s a great place for me to stay for a bit longer. I’m impressed. Nice to know that you both come from Poland :) Good luck, folks!

  • Hi Guys. I like your blog and looking at the adventures you have had.I am preparing to set up my own blog but am a bit nervous to publish yet. I will get there by reading your stuff amongst others. Thanks.

  • What a great way to live a dream life :) Two brave souls you are!
    How do you find the websites/other sources to contribute to? Have you ever written anything for Responsible Travel or Lonely Planet?
    Thanks for sharing the real stories, no matter how they smell :)

  • Wow! I love your blog. I’m from Catalonia, do you already know it? Maybe you should explore Empordà, a region that would surprise both of you. Congrats!

    • Hi Agness n Cez, loved reading your blog. I travel a lot for business and then extend the trip by a couple of days that I spend as a backpacker.
      Look forward to reading about more lively places you visit.

  • Just came across your blog. Wish I’d found it earlier.
    Great blog! I love the honesty. Also impressed by your inclusion of articles from other travelers: expands the value and interest of your blog.
    I’m a budget traveler; you did good with starting ‘a tuk tuk’.

  • wish you all the best.I am from Bangladesh,if you want to see the world largest see beach please come to my country.i will enjoying your company.

  • Thank you, Isabelle! Whenever we have a great piece idea to write that would suit another website’s theme better than ours, we just reach out to them.

  • Thanks a lot for chipping in Aleksandra with great ideas! I totally agree with you that this would be a great start to a location-independent life

  • Hey Nahid, thanks a lot for your comment. I have been to Bangladesh recently, but certainly I hope to go another few times. Truly interesting country!

  • We have been to some parts of Catalonia but never had an opportunity to visit Emporda yet. Certainly sounds interesting!

  • Thanks for sharing these amazing articles. It makes me enjoyable from my heart. If you have time then this the right time to VISIT NEPAL 2020. Then we will meet here time and spend time. Thanks again!!

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