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Budget travel insurance

Life has taught me and Agness that accidents are bound to happen even when least expected. Whether nesting at home or overseas there is a fifty-fifty chance of landing ourselves in hospital. Remember, medical bills are not cheap! Especially as a foreigner. That’s why we recommend Travel insurance from World Nomads to you, our fellow travelers. Our nomadic lifestyle has made us appreciate the vital need for a budget travel insurance. Misfortune knows no one. This is a lesson we have come to learn the hard way. They say experience is the best teacher, but we beg to differ. A wiser person learns from others experiences. Based on our past encounters, we hope that you will learn from our mistakes and make better travel decisions. After all, why travel if you can’t afford travel insurance? Get a quote using the widget below

Our experience with no insurance cover

As you can tell, we are addicted to the nomadic way of living. A permanent home won’t just do for us. Not long ago while still on the move, I found myself hospitalized in one of china’s hospitals. I won’t bash their services but neither would I praise them. Let’s just say it was no walk in the park with no travel insurance cover. I found myself bedridden and confined to a wheel chair only to be hit with a pile of medical bills. Remember, I  am not in my native country. All I am trying to say is that if I had a travel insurance maybe things could be easier.

Why World Nomads Budget Travel insurance?

World Nomads understand the thrill we get from touring the world. Unlike other insurance companies, they narrowing their services to focus on travel insurance. World Nomads travel insurance has a coverage of over 140 nations worldwide. We think, this is more compared to any standard travel insurance coverage policy. Their travel insurance packages cover evacuation, medical, baggage and a variety of sport activities. While travelling from the comfort of our homes, we always want a reliable backup plan in-case things go sideways.

Quality coverage at an affordable cost

We are always on the lookout to get the best value for our money. For us, World Nomads not only provided quality cover for the traveler’s everyday essentials but from over 150 countries. Their insurance price tag is among the most reasonable online prices.

Get the policy any time, anywhere

What’s the best in our opinion is that your trip doesn’t have to start and end in your home country. You can get the new policy while on the road.