Last updated: 5 March 2018
Stretching from the Arctic Ocean in the North to the Mediterranean Sea in the South, Europe offers visitors an array of pastimes, flavours and sights to see. Ancient architecture and ruins in countries such Croatia, Greece and Italy, bear witness to the mighty empires of days past.

Medieval towns, fantastic palaces, splendid Cathedrals, castles and Mosques bring back the past in countries like Romania, Bulgaria, Austria and the Czech Republic.

An ice hotel, and the natural beauty of glacier cut fjords, lakes, mountains and islands await those that travel north to the beautiful lands of Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden.


The fantasy islands of Greece and Croatia are water wonderlands. The slopes of the Alps draw skiers and hikers in countries such as Switzerland, France, Poland and Ukraine.

Nature in its finest glory is on show in Iceland where thermal pools and steam geysers put on a daily performance.

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