Fun In Amsterdam For Only €12

Although Amsterdam is considered to be one of the most expensive cities in Europe (which I as an expat absolutely agree with), it still has a lot to offer for those who travel on extremely tight budget.

Amsterdam canal
Beautiful Amsterdam

You may ask: what can I do for only €12 in Amsterdam? Well, surprisingly a lot – from boat ride to exploring cheese museum and taking a selfie at I Amsterdam sign located at the back of the Rijksmuseum on Museumplein.

funny bike parked in Amsterdam
That’s how locals park bikes in Amsterdam :)

1) Boat ride €9

Start off your day with a nice and relaxing boar ride. It costs only 9 euro and lasts approximately 45 minutes.

3 girls are boating Amsterdam
Me, Anna and Monika on the boat

The one me, Anna and our guest from London went for was one of the cheapest we could find. It was located at 9 Damrak and the place was called Gray Line Sightseeing Canal Cruises.

The view from the boat - Amsterdam
The view from the boat

Sightseeing Amsterdam by boat together with your friends or relations is one of the best tourist attractions in the city. You can enjoy a boat ride trough the famous Amsterdam canals.

Amsterdam canal

2) Dutch style sandwich €3

After your boat ride, it’s time to dig into a Dutch style sandwich. There is one cafe I always go to when I’m hungry and it’s called Singel 404. Sandwiches with salmon and goat cheese cost only 3 euro.

Yummy sandwiches in Amsterdam
Yummy sandwiches!

They are filling and healthy so don’t forget to grab one when in Amsterdam. More info: Singel 404, +31 20 428 0154. Open daily 10.30am-6pm.

Cafe in Amsterdam

3) Free cheese museum

Cheese museum, Amsterdam
Cheese museum, Amsterdam

Often underestimated by tourists, cheese museum is a great place where you should definitely go if you’re a big fan of different sorts of cheese.

Cheese museum, Amsterdam
A great variety of cheese in cheese museum

Dutch cheese has more than 600 years long tradition so everyone can find something yummy there.

Blue cheese
Blue cheese which surprisingly tasted yummy!

You can see and taste not only the cheese, but also some Dutch stroopwafels and candies as well as take fancy pictures of you holding a big block of cheese!

2 girls are posing for picture
Say cheese!

The museum is open daily from 10 am till 6 pm, it’s located at Prinsensgracht 112 nearby Anne Frank House (just the opposite).

Cheese museum, Amsterdam

4) Free tulip museum

Tulip Museum
The entrance to Tulip Museum

Conveniently located in the heart of historic Amsterdam, near many fine shops, galleries and cafes, the museum features exhibits and films devoted to the tulip, the unofficial national flower of the Netherlands. Here you can explore the tulip’s history and discover the remarkable journey it has taken from the wilds of the Himalayan highlands to a garden like yours for free. Definitely must see place!

5) Photo at I Amsterdam sign

 This large sign that lies in front of the Rijksmuseum has become an iconic symbol of the city. You will also find many people sitting in or on the letters and getting their photo taken.

Street performance at Iamsterdam
Street performance at Iamsterdam sign

Taking a selfie there is a must!

A girl on top of Iamsterdam sign
Me on the top!

Which attraction of those 5 would you find the most interesting when visiting Amsterdam?

Postcards from Amsterdam
Postcards from Amsterdam


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42 thoughts on “Fun In Amsterdam For Only €12”

  1. If I knew the boat rides were so cheap I would have done it when I was in Amsterdam! Great tips, I definitely will go to Tulip museum next time! :)

  2. Vanessa @ The Travelling Colognian

    Although Amsterdam is so close to Cologne I haven’t been there yet, but apparently I should get myself there for a visit. I would love to do a boat tour, visit the cheese museum and get a photo of myself taken in front of the I Amsterdam sign and I would also like to see the Anne Frank House.

  3. I loved ALL of these things in Amsterdam. My favorite things to do without spending too much money were OF COURSE wandering around (or biking around) vondelpark- seriously hours and hours to be spent there. I bought a fine bike for 10 euro and used it the whole month in the city. Also other things to explore for little to no money:
    – The roof of the nemo (science center)- great views out over the water! and you can even spot a windmill
    – waterlooplein flea market (walk there, check it out, browse around for the cheap things)
    – hanging out around the iamsterdam sign with a picnic or playing soccer, it’s always crowded
    – houseboat museum
    – rembrandt house (both under 10 euro and super fun)

    and just wander the neighborhoods. My favorite neighborhood is over by oost amsterdam.
    You can’t go wrong in this city!

  4. Tulip museum, without a doubt. I adore flowers. Would be glad to see some photos from this museum, by the way, if any :)

  5. I’m intrigued with the cheese museum, especially when it is free. But I’m not sure if I will be able to differentiate the different tastes. Maybe people will scowl at me for not being able to differentiate the tastes..

  6. Sara @ Simply Sara Travel

    That looks like a lovely day! I am so disappointed I missed the cheese museum when I was in Amsterdam! Though I did buy some cheese to take home, so that was a win :)

  7. As I am hungry, I would now choose the Dutch style sandwich but I reckon the cheese museum is quite interesting as well as I am a big fan of different kinds of cheese.
    I did the boat ride in Amsterdam before, unfortunately it rained and the windows were completely fogged up. So, I should do it again with good weather one day ;)

  8. Great Post!
    We are travelling to Amsterdam on April with some brazilian friends that are coming for holidays on Europe, and definitely we needed some saving money tips to enjoy the Netherlands`s capital on a tight budget!
    And you got me with the cheese museum, I just love the idea (and the tastes :-) )

  9. Rahman @ Iran Travel Blog

    Sightseeing by boat is certainly a major activity that one cannot miss. I wonder if the Dutch goat cheese is like the Norwegian one I’ve had before or it’s a different color and taste.

  10. I’ve been to Amsterdam twice so far and I have done some of the above activities, never been on a boat though, I wouldn’t mind to try next time to see the city from a different perspective :)

  11. Anna @ shenANNAgans

    I am blown away by how cheap the day was. Far out, I cant wait to get my travel on again and experience some of the cool you get up too. :)

  12. Really nice post on Amsterdam Agness and yes, you can actually experience the city on €12.00 a day. There is even a local free cruise near the side of the Central Station (next to the bridge). And yes, cheese, cheese, and more cheese! You can also take free walking tours in the day, and at night. Highly recommended so that you save your pennies for the expensive beers!

    I can’t wait to go to Amsterdam again!

  13. I love your picture in the wig in the cheese museum! You look so cute! :)

    I did a boat ride when I was in Amsterdam and it was awesome, I would recommend it to anyone!

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