Tibet Travel Impossible for Foreign Travellers

From the 1st of June, China has stopped issuing Tibet travel permits to foreign visitors. It is a tough nut to crack for those who had Tibet on the bucket list and wanted to come around this year. Unofficial sources say that the permits won’t be issued until October, which is the end of season in Tibet and tourists rarely come.

Tibet: view from the train
Tibet: view from the train

When asked about the date foreign tourist will be open again, officials say it is not closed. They simply do not issue permits, which is not official.

Why is this happening? Well, no one knows or at least no one can share the information. In my opinion it is due to the recent self immolation of two young Tibetans, which happened on the 27th of May 2012.

Let’s hope it will somehow change and foreigners will be able to see Tibet. It’s a magical place and it’s a shame many can’t discover it.

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