Taste Of Portugal: Top 5 Dinner Options On The Cheap

A few words about Portuguese cuisine

Portugal is the land of sardines, horse mackerel, tomatoes, pasta, egg yolk, milk and cinnamon. Its cuisine is full of seafood dishes, onions, olives, garlic and grapes.  Portuguese are obsessed with with salted cod, pork meat cooked and served in a variety of ways or a simple black coffee and a bread roll in the morning. Locals eat a lot of vegetable soups for lunch (potato soup served with shredded kale and chunks of sausage is pretty famous in Lisbon) and grilled seafood for dinner. When it comes to desserts, Portugal will be your paradise on Earth if you have sweet tooth. Lisbon as well as Fatima were filled with lovely pastry shops and c@fes. You can try a great variety of desserts – from simple cinnamon-flavored rice puddings to sophisticated cakes and world‘s famous egg tarts.


Top 5 best Portuguese dishes on the cheap

Arroz de pato


It’s a duck rice dish served with a creamy risotto

Caldo verde

It’s a traditional soup in Portuguese cuisine served with potatoes, collard greens,garlic or onion, olive oil and salt

Sardinhas Assadas


They are perfectly grilled sardines served with a basket of white bread and salad


Portuguese goose barnacles



It’s a Portuguese sandwich made with white bread, ham, sausage, roast meat and covered with melted cheese and a hot thick tomato and beer sauce served with french fries

What would be your pick?

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