Etramping travel blog (where you are right now) has grown tremendously since its conception in 2011 and helped grow other blogs through guest posting. Supporting the travel blogging community has always been a big part of our blog – and we’d like to continue this tradition, with you on board.

Why Guest Post on Etramping?

We’ll be happy to accept your article and publish it on Etramping under your name so together we can get:

  • new visitors to your blog (we’ve got 20K+ visitors per month and growing)
  • some SEO juice (links from Etramping – established travel blog with DA 50)
  • exposure on social media – as we will help promote your article and blog on all of our social media channels (over 50k followers)

At the moment we only accept guest posts from travel bloggers, like us. Your blog needs to be all of the following:

Who Can Write for Etramping?

  • about travel (you can touch on other topics, but travel should be your main thing)
  • personal (your face and name should be easily found somewhere on the page and on the about page)
  • non-commercial (if you’re writing for a company, or created the blog just to do dropshipping, we cannot accept a guest post from you)

If you don’t qualify for a free guest post because your website is commercial and you just want to promote it, we offer sponsored post opportunities.

Guest Post Guidelines

You may be wondering what the guest post should look like. That’s why we created guest post guidelines to help you write your masterpiece to proudly share it with our readers.

Ready to Write a Guest Post?

You’ve read everything above and you’re ready to get started? We’re happy to see that.

We will create an account for you on Etramping and you will be able to start writing in WordPress as soon as we do. We need a few details from you to create your account, and to make sure we’re all on the same page. So, please fill in the form below:


Can I write more than one article as a guest post?

Sure, you’ll have a brand new account and you can start crafting as many articles as you wish.

Is it possible to make changes to my published guest posts?

Yes, just make the changes and submit them for a review. Your changes will be live in a short while.


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