Geocaching in Haarlem, the Netherlands


When in Haarlem, I did Geocaching – a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game where participants are to use GPS-enabled devices in order to navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at a certain location.

Keeping the Easter Spirit Alive in Amsterdam


This year, I am spending Easter with a person closest to my heart – my mom and my best friend in our favourite city – Amsterdam. We’ve been cooking and baking a lot, laughing and talking for hours. We could finally catch up with daily stories and my travel adventures, but how did I keep the Easter spirit alive? – You may wonder …

Artis Royal Zoo In Amsterdam


Since I moved to Amsterdam, I’ve been recommended to vitis Holland’s biggest Planetarium and a Zoo called the Artis Royal Zoo. For many it’s more like a very remarkable spot where nature, culture, knowledge and pleasure come together.