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Agness Walewinder

15 Waterfalls Well Worth Tramping To

The following A to Z of the world’s best waterfalls should inspire you to tramp the world and do crazy things in pursuit of the awe and wonder that only comes from seeing a waterfall.

Bali pagoda
Agness Walewinder

Beach Life In Bali

Are you thinking of holidaying along one of the most alluring beaches? Add Bali to your bucket list and have a memorable experience.

The road to Fairy meadows
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Top Eleven Extreme Adventures in Pakistan

Pakistan is a land of extremes – baking hot deserts, towering mountains and crushingly busy cities. Another extreme Pakistan lays claim to is seeing extremely

Woman's hands covered with henna patterns
Agness Walewinder

5 Festivals Which Define India

India is an incredibly spiritual country with several amazing celebrations. Here are the top 5 festivals that define India.

Japanese flowers
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How You Will Be Treated During Your Visit to Japan

Real advice on how to get the most out of your experience in Japan by Asia Travel Bug. Make sure to follow the customs and traditions so you can make connections and learn the ways of the great people who live there.

Cez Krol

Four Unbelievable Places to Camp

Ditch the typical campground and seek out a new experience. These four unique places to camp will wow you, and have you plotting to find a way to reach them as quick as possible.