Walibi Holland Experience

Finally done with my thesis!

Last week I handed in my thesis (huuuuray). Thus, I am back on the track with exploring what Holland has to offer. A couple of days ago I was taken to Walibi Holland. Wow, a full day of roller coasters, spinning, water attractions and so much fun and adrenaline! That was unforgettable experience, for sure! For these reasons, I would strongly recommend everyone living or visiting Holland to go there, at least for one afternoon to feel like 10 year-old-kid once again (like me in the picture below)!

About Walibi Holland

Walibi Holland is a theme park located in Biddinghuizen, the Netherlands. It has a lot of attractions for kids, teenages and adults – the Speed of Sound, El Condor or Robin Hood roller coasters. It’s my second theme park I visited in Holland. Do you remember my visit to Efteling?

Walibi seen from one of the tallest wheel
The view of Walibi from above
Beautiful view of Walibi

Walibi is all about roller coasters, lots of them. Most of them are great. The park itself is also very nice with lots of trees.

The food is adequate but don’t expect anything special or memorable (it’s good to pack your own sandwiches and drinks).

If you’re with small kids, you’ll probably have a little problem because though there is a small section for little kids it is quite small.

Walibi train

The main target group for Walibi Holland seems to be teens: thrill rides, loud music everywhere and and lots of teen fun. If you’re into that, you’ll have a great time.


+31 (0)321 32 99 99
[email protected]

Walibi park guide

Ticket prices and more info 

Ticket prices vary from 37 euro to 45 euro for single entry. The park is open from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00, but to make sure check out the official website of Walibi Holland.

Would you like to visit Walibi Holland?


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22 thoughts on “Walibi Holland Experience”

  1. Miriam of Adventurous Miriam

    CONGRATS on your thesis, Agness, and well done! You should be so proud <3 The funfair looks like the perfect place to celebrate.

  2. Ever since I watched those most deadly roller coaster rides where people who are not fully strapped in come lose and die. Sometimes whole attachments fall apart and whole compartments of people are killed. People always make fun of me because I get such bad anxiety on roller coaster rides, I pee myself (true story). I think I will stick to the carousel horse rides. They are safer.

  3. Anna @ shenANNAgans

    CONGRATULATIONS my lady! That is awesome. :)
    And…. Yes to visiting this theme park. Seems a fitting way to celebrate your freedom. Love the views out across the park, so green.

  4. mega congrats on finishing your thesis Agness! And this place – looks like fun. it also looks kinda empty!

  5. CL (RealGunners)

    Looks like there’s lots to do here, which is perfect. And it seems not crowded, which is even more perfect!

  6. The Guy Who Flies

    Congrats Agness on finishing the studies, it is such a great feeling being liberated from all those deadlines.

    It looks like you are celebrating in style and had a great time here. Did you climb on all of the statues or just the first one?

    1. Agness Walewinder

      Thank you! I’m also happy and proud of myself for finishing the studies. That was the first statue I climbed on, but there are going to be more! :)

  7. Suze The Luxury Columnist

    Congratulations on finishing your thesis, Agness. The theme park looks like great fun, what was your favourite ride?


  8. I have been to Walibi world! Very random and was amused to see they had used our Aussie kangaroo as a mascot. Lots of fun :)

  9. Hi Agness, I’m still on my leave from blogging but I wanted to stop by and say hi to you. I’m a roller coaster addict…sign me up for the Goliath and Outdoor Rock n Roller coasters at Walibi! Have a great day :)

    1. Agness Walewinder

      I’m so upset and sad that you are still on your leave from blogging :-(!!!! Come to us!!! You inspire me!!

  10. Victoria@ The British Berliner

    Congratulations Agness. It was such a good feeling when I submitted my dissertation too. Now you can either twiddle your thumbs or breath, and scream and shout on a roller-coaster. Whoop! Whoop!

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