5 Things To Love China For

Traveling, working and living like a local in China can be certainly an unforgettable experience for everyone. You can not only save up to $18,000 a year for your future travels, but also be a part of different culture, customs, language and cuisine.

Guilin - Jonny
Guilin highlights

In today’s post I would like to share 5 things you will love China for.

#1 Local hospitality

Chinese are amazingly hospitable and you feel like you are always warmly welcomed to their country. Locals will invite you for a lunch and dinner, will give up their seats on the train and make you feel like home.

Chinese people
Chinese locals

#2 Breath-taking scenery

In China you can find anything you want from lakes, rivers, hills, mountains to waterfalls and deserts. Do you want to see ancient China? Go to Xi’an or Beijing. Wanna do decent shopping and drink glamorous cocktails? Head to Shanghai! Only sky is the limit.

Longji Terraced Fields (5)
Longji Terraced Fields

 #3 Affordable living and traveling

Food, transport fees, house rental and medical care are super cheap in comparison to Europe. You can live here cheaply dining out and going out and still enjoy everyday life with no renunciations. Moreover, working here can make you save some extra money.

Dongguan city
Dongguan city

#4 Amazing festivals

Chinese festivals are amazing, like the Mid-Autumn Festival with its mooncakes. Locals dress up, cook nice food and give you lots of present. The whole country looks amazing. There are numerous red lanterns hanging on the trees, houses and buildings all over China. Ach, it’s so beautiful!

Celebrating Spring Festival with traditional Chinese mooncakes
Celebrating Spring Festival with traditional Chinese mooncakes

#5 Food paradise

Although I’ve been living over 2 years in China, I still get surprised by a great variety of Chinese local dishes and snacks on the cheap – fried bees, cooked sugarcane with pieces of corn, Beijing duck, sea plants and so on. I can’t imagine my breakfast without steamed dumplings called baozi! I also love tropical fruits here.

Snake meat
Sneak meat served with veggies

Would you fall in love with China?


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Agness Walewinder
Agness Walewinder
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49 thoughts on “5 Things To Love China For”

  1. The Guy Who Flies

    Great selection Agness.

    As you know I love China too and can relate to these. It is such a vast and diverse country it really can cater for all tastes.

    I also love the picture of you with the flower tiara :-)

  2. I’m so glad to hear nice things about China. In the USA all we hear are bad things and about how horrible the government is and to stay away from there. I write this while I’m eating Chinese food too though…so strange. Beautiful views as always! Are you going to take a vacation there to return soon?

      1. Yes! In the USA it’s all about communisium and how oppressed the people are over there. People here find it strange when people escape from North Korea and are releaved they’re in a “free” country when they make it to China. Although America loves Chinese culture, just not the government.

        This just proves you can’t always believe the news. I guess every country has it’s pros and cons, huh.

      2. Agness Walewinder

        You should visit China yourself. It’s so different from what people usually say without going there.

  3. I’ve lived in China three times now, not to mention spending parts of my childhood in Shanghai, and I’ll definitely miss the food and cheap cost of living (well, and my family) the most!!

  4. China is great, exactly for all the reasons you mentioned.
    I’ve been living here for almost 5 years annd still enjoying it a lot.

    1. Agness Walewinder

      Yes sure, baked sweet potatoes, rice with veggies, vegeterian baozi – China is full of dishes based on plants!

  5. Anna @ shenANNAgans

    Yeah, I could totes live in China, especially for the food. Sooooooooo good!
    I am however surprised that it is relatively inexpensive/affordable to live in. I guess China isn’t exactly one of those places we hear lots of good things about, so its lovely to hear great things from you. :)

  6. Arti (@artisdiary)

    Your post makes my feet itch, Agness – can’t wait to get to China someday and fall in love with it!

  7. My favourite thing by far was the food. I ate so much! I even spent 1 week in Chongqing alone just to eat their famous hotpot everyday! Especially as I love spicy food. Damn now I’m in the mood for some Chinese food and there is none where I am…

  8. Vanessa @ The Travelling Colognian

    Great post and beautiful photos, Agness. I couldn’t agree more with you. I already fell in love with China. Different than you I haven’t lived in China (yet), but since July 2010 I have visited the country six times, five times alone within the last two and a quarter years and I travelled extensively across Eastern China, through Yunnan Province twice and all the way along the Silk Road of China, overland from Beijing to Kashgar. The scenery is indeed absolutely breathtaking and the food is one of the best in the world. I have taken five Cooking classes in Beijing and Yangshuo to be able to cook the “real” chinese food for myself at home as well. And I also had the chance to get a little insight into chinese hospitality.

  9. Bruno B @ Geeky Explorer

    To be honest, I’m not as excited to go to China as I am about other countries in Asia (Japan, VIetnam) but food is the main thing keeping me wanting to go! It ALWAYS looks healthy and delicious!

  10. Katie Featherstone

    I’d love to explore some of the more remote places in China. It seems to have such an amazingly varied landscape, with so many different terrains. You must miss it a lot!

  11. I do believe I could live in China. I have a very dear friend whom wishes I return to China with her in the near future. I am planning to go.

  12. I never went to China, but I would like to see their culture. I’m very impressed by their work ethic and discipline. Great article.

  13. I am absolutely sure that I would love mainland China! I’ve only been to Hong Kong and I found it adorable! Yes, I did!
    I’ve also been to Vietnam and I loved it. I’m still trying to plan what kind of trip I would like to do in China. My biggest idea right now is to take the train from Moscow and get to Shanghai via the Trans Siberian train, spend about 3 weeks in China and then fly home to Berlin! Probably in 2016 though LOL!

    1. Agness Walewinder

      You would, definitely. I am sure about it. Cez is now in Hong Kong. I was there so many times and it’s one of my favourite cities!

  14. Suze The Luxury Columnist

    I’m certain that I would fall in love with China, I’ve only been to Hong Kong and would love to see a traditional festival and try my hand at Chinese cooking


  15. I understand why you loved your time there so much. Hopefully I’m going to make such a good experience as well when I make it there one day. I’m sure I’ll love the food. I love the fact that there are so many special festivals and the landscape looks really stunning indeed.

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