Philippines – Singapore – Indonesia: Planning The Itinerary

We would like to share the great news of our next Asia journey which starts on February the 1st 2014. We are going to visit the Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia. All flight tickets have been already booked and our passports are ready for the next stamps.

The choice of countries was mainly based on flight ticket prices, local cuisine (we have tried some Indonesian and Filipino dishes before and we totally loved it) and the weather of course (we can’t stop thinking of Filipino beaches and sunny Bali). In total, we spent roughly $350 for our flights per person (4 flights). We fly with Cebu Pacific and Tigerair airlines.

As we have already started thinking of most interesting and adventurous places to visit there, we decided to ask you guys for the advice. If you have ever been either to the Philippines, Singapore or Indonesia, please share your experience and give us some budget travel tips on:

Destination 1: The Philippines

  • What’s the most stunning beach in the Philippines?
  • What off-the-beaten places in the Philippines would you recommend?
  • Any food we can’t miss?
  • How cheap are the Philippines? Is $25 budget enough?
  • Any places we should definitely skip?
  • Any blog recommendations on budget travel tips in the Philippines?

Destination 2: Singapore

  • Singapore in 24h – what places are worth seeing?
  • Any local dishes you should/shouldn’t try?
  • Where is best to sleep without paying (airport, train station, park, etc.)?

Destination 3: Indonesia

  • Any hidden gems here/ places undiscovered by ordinary tourists?
  • Where to go in Bali?
  • What to do in Jakarta?
  • Any hiking places worth exploring?
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As you know, we love to keep ourselves busy with sightseeing and we are keen on exploring off the beaten paths on the cheap so if you know of any places that should be on our travel list, let us know. Besides, if any of you would like to meet up for a cup of coffee or a pint of beer, let us know. We will do our best to make that happen!

Share your advice, any recommendations and thoughts in comments. Many thanks for your help. We are just over the moon to be back on the road.


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