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Budget Travel Guide to Düsseldorf [Updated 2020]

Düsseldorf dazzles with boundary-pushing architecture, zinging nightlife and an art scene to rival many higher-profile cities. Let’s see what you can do to make your stay here as cheap and fun as possible.

A red sunset over a limestone island in El Nido.
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7 Day Philippines Travel Itinerary

7 Day Philippines Travel Plan allowing you to explore pristine beaches, relax on tropical islands and roam around vibrant cities. Detailed and up to date!

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Things To Do In Cancun For Under $25

Short guide to Things to Do in Cancun for less than $25 a day! Check out how to travel to Cancun without spending a small fortune.

Menorca, Spain
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Menorca is Nearer Than You Think

What’s great about Menorca? A lot, and here we will list top things to see and do in Menorca. Travel to Menorca and enjoy everything it has to offer!

Backpacking and reading
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7 Travel Hacks for Smooth International Travel

While packing may not be the most entertaining part of planning for travel, knowing how to properly pack your clothes and other travel accessories can make your trip easier, and much more enjoyable in the end.

Sunset in Bagan
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4 Ways to Save When Traveling to Myanmar

Top 4 tips that will help you save some cash during your trip to Myanmar where prices are currently on the rise as more and more people choose to visit.

Under $25
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Abu Dhabi For Less Than $25 A Day

Abu Dhabi over the years has become quite expensive, but here’s how you can enjoy Abu Dhabi within $25 a day!

Under $25
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Exploring Venezuela for Less Than $50/Week

Venezuela is a truly awesome country, this is a land of steaming jungles, jagged peaks and gorgeous beaches. Let’s see how you can explore it for … $50 a week!

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Exploring Varadero For Less Than 25 Dollars

Just 2 hours away from the Cuban capital of Havana, the resort town of Varadero is beautiful place in the Caribbean to enjoy a cheap holiday and to explore. As you walk around under the Cuban sun, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll also be stretching the dollars a little further.