How to Organize Romantic Vacations on a Budget

Organizing romantic vacations might seem too expensive for a budget traveler: you have to choose appropriate destination, find decent place to live, spend extra money on romantic dinners, flowers, candles and what not. Thus, if you are on a budget your options look limited. Nevertheless, there are lots of ways to organize romantic and budget-friendly getaways, which are available to anyone who is ready for a little adventure. Here are some tips which will help you to organize budget romantic vacations of your dreams.

How to Choose a Destination?

The first major choice you have to make in order to ensure that your vacation will be affordable is picking up a romantic destination. There are three main rules to follow:

1: Destination must be close to you. You do not want to spend a fortune on airplane tickets, so plan accordingly. Choose a destination where you can go either by bus or by low cost airline. The perfect destination should be no further then 2-3 thousand km from you.

2: Make sure the destination is cheap. Unless your destination is truly affordable, it would be difficult for you to get the best experiences with little budget. With the help of an online tool Numbeo you can learn the cost of accommodation, food, and transport in any city/country all over the world.

IMG 3857
What can be more romantic than Grand Canyon? Totally affordable if you drive there by car.

3: Make sure your destination is romantic. Ask yourself the following questions: are there beaches, national parks, forests, cliffs, or canyons, in short, any place where you will be able to enjoy romantic sunset? Are there enough restaurants for romantic dinners? Is your destination known for hospitable and friendly locals and little crime/ scam rate?

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How to Choose a Place to Stay?

One of the largest fixed costs in every trip is accommodation. The latter is particularly true with regard to romantic vacations, since you want to create a particular atmosphere for your significant one. Here are some budget lodging options you might want to consider while looking for place to stay during your romantic getaway.

1: Short term rentals. Instead of booking a luxury hotel, you can book the whole apartment just for two of you. For example, on VRBO you can rent an apartment with Jacuzzi, swimming pool, BBQ area, small patio, and three rooms for just $35 (offers found for Thailand and Brazil). If you are looking for something cheaper, no problem: we stayed in historical very old-fashioned and stylish apartment (truly romantic!) in the downtown of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for $15.

2: Bungalows. What can be more romantic than sleeping in a small hut on some tropical beach, enjoying the sounds of waves and exotic birds? We stayed in multiple beach houses all over the world, from Andaman Islands in India to Galapagos Islands in Ecuador and totally loved this experience. Another type of bungalows we enjoyed a lot were bamboo huts win Thai mountains. Cuddling in such special (and totally affordable) lodging will undoubtedly create memories for years to come.

IMG 8775
Our lovely bungalow in San Augustin, Colombia.

3: Tent. Tents might sound not particularly romantic, but if you choose the right location, they are. What can be better than laying with your significant one somewhere at the mountain valley under the dome of star sky? Another great thing about tents is that you can place them in places far from.

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How to Organize a Romantic Dinner?

Making your dinner romantic while not paying a fortune for it might be problematic, since you want to get perfect atmosphere combined with perfect food. However, you can be creative in choosing both the location and dishes, and your creativity can help you save big. Here are some suggestions how to plan a romantic dinner on a budget:

1: Take your significant one to the beach and have a picnic. There is nothing more romantic than laying on the sand, sipping wine, and enjoying the beautiful sunset. Since you bring the food with you, it’s much cheaper than ordering it in the restaurant.

2: Go to the local restaurant. Why should you go to expensive luxury restaurant in order to get romantic? Instead ask the locals where they eat. In many cities all over the world the most delicious food is sold around the markets. It’s also the best place to enjoy local music!

IMG 8573
Food from a local restaurant.

3: Cook yourself! If you booked an apartment with the kitchen for your romantic vacation, that’s a great opportunity to cook yourself. Bake locally caught fish with vegetables or roast a chicken bought from your host! Candles and light music will help to create the atmosphere!

Next time you plan your romantic vacation do not overpay! Take some of our tips into consideration to save big and spend unforgettable time with your significant one.

IMG 2662

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