A Mother and Daughter’s Quest to Discover the Best Coffee

My mom and I had set out on a trip around Europe. A trip which had two purposes. The first: the explore some of Europe’s most significant religious sites, the second: to find the best coffee we could.

Daughter and mother with coffee

3 countries, 6 cities, 15 places, and a whole load of coffee later, we think we’ve found quite a few of Europe’s best locales for loading up on a good dose of caffeine.

Girl with a coffee at the airport

From the creamy aroma of a good old-fashioned Cappuccino to the strange sweetness of a coffee shakerato, we’re going to take you through the best and worst that the places we visited had to offer. We will be starting in Poland (our homeland and the first destination on our list), then moving on to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and finally finishing in Italy. This is a mother and daughter’s Quest to Discover the Best Coffee in Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Italy.


WakeUp Café

Our first coffee stop. The Coconut Latte with whipped cream and coconut flakes here is really good. My mom ordered one and gave it a 4/5, which was a pretty good score for the first cup of the trip (no holding back).

WakeUp Café

Unfortunately, despite them both costing us $3.30 each, my Americano with whipped cream was less than a positive experience. Not recommended!  

The Staff here were very nice and the WIFI was great! There are also plenty of power sockets to charge your devices – just in case you’re running low on juice.

Franciszkańska 14/103, 00-214 Warszawa


Located in the Warsaw Chopin Airport, Voyages was also a better outcome for my mom. Her White mocha with whipped cream was far superior to my Soy Latte.

Voyages cafe at Warsaw airport

It seems like Warsaw is much better for buying more complicated coffees and not so good for the basic ones. That being said, I haven’t ever really seen soy milk available in other airports around the world. I was good that they had it here.

Warsaw, Chopin Airport

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Restaurant @ Hotel Grace

Our first drink in Bosnia and Herzegovina was at the hotel we were staying at. I ordered a White Americano and my mom ordered a Cappuccino.

Having a cup of coffee at Hotel Grace

It was quite good and we definitely recommend dipping a couple of the hotel’s chocolate Croissants into the espresso. Really, really good.  

Coffee and croissant at Hotel Grace

The staff were very friendly though, and the environment was great for getting a little bit of work done before heading out and exploring the area.

Villa Grace, Međugorje bb, 88266 Međugorje

Viktors Snackbar

Viktors Snackbar was a nice surprise in the town of Međugorje. We ordered a Cappuccino and a Cappuccino with whipped cream. We gave both 4/5. Normally, I don’t actually like cow milk coffee, but this one tasted different for some reason and I really enjoyed it. The cream here wasn’t too sweet either, which is a nice bonus.

Coffee at Viktors Snackbar

Defiantly the best coffee in the town and just 6,00 KM ($3,62) for two cups.

Coffee at Viktors Snackbar

The place itself has some amazing WIFI and relaxing background music, making it the perfect environment for working in. The staff were also really friendly and I ended up having a chat with them about their travel experiences.

Viktors Snackbar, Medjugorje

Međugorje 88266, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Pekarna St. Nicola

We really only went to this place because we were waiting to leave Međugorje and had some time to kill. It was really disappointing. Despite having an actual coffee machine, the place didn’t look nice and staff were not friendly.

Pekarna St. Nicola

We both ordered Cappuccinos and a sausage pastry, but it all was very so-so. Not really recommended unless there is nowhere else available – which there should be.

Pekarna St. Nicola

Kardinala Stepinca 8, Međugorje, 88266


V y TA

Our coffee journey in Italy began with a bang! The V y TA was an incredible place, with my giving their Soy latte macchiato a 5/5 and my mom giving the Caffe Schiumato a 4/5!

V y Ta in Rome

In fact, the coffee here was so good that we went back again and both had a Soy latte, which we both gave 5/5. Really creamy, with a vanilla taste, perfectly mild, and very delicate.

Coffee at V y TA

I know that we were in Rome and the coffee here is supposed to be good, but this is a train station, not a proper Café! Really, really good, and cheap as well at just €1,80 for the Soy latte macchiato and €1,00 for the Caffe schiumato. Definitely recommended. V y TA is the best cafe in Rome.

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Piazza dei Cinquecento, 1, 00185 Roma


Another of the best places in Rome to have coffee. We visited the RistoBar whilst we were waiting for our tour guide to the Vatican City. It had good reviews and looked better than the alternatives. We ordered a Cafe Latte and a Cafe corretto for just €3,00 each. The Cafe Corretto was excellent, especially when mixed with a shot of whiskey.

Coffee with whiskey in RistoBar

We actually hadn’t planned on getting anything, but the smell emanating from the restaurant was just too much.

Retail Food Srl, Via Vicenza, 5/A, 00185 Roma.

Caffe Del Forno

The Caffe Del Forno was just a short stop, but the coffee was also excellent. Located in the Vatican City museums, the coffee was pretty expensive (€5,90 for two coffees) but worth it – especially since we needed something to cool us down.

Coffee at Caffe Del Forno

I ordered an Iced cafe latte freddo, which was very light and refreshing. My mom ordered a Barley Coffee, which wasn’t too strong but smelt great! It was a great stop during our exlusive Vatican City tour

Vatican Museums, Vatican City

Gia Roma 1886

We had high hopes for Gia Roma 1886, yet from the moment we entered we knew everything was going to go south. The place didn’t look that great on the inside and the staff were incredibly rude.

Gia Roma 1886, Rome, Italy

We ordered a Cappucino and a Latte. Both were horrible and we only gave them 2/5. We also had to spend €7,00 for both, which made this one of the most expensive cafes in Rome during our trip. Plus, it looks like coffee is only going to get more expensive in Rome.

Coffee at Gia Roma 1886

Avoid this place, Gia Roma 1886 is the worst cafe in Rome – especially compared to the other places we visited on our trip.

Via del Tritone, 211, 00187 

Hotel Valle Rossa

After Rome, we headed to San Giovanni Rotondo, where we started our coffee question with a cup of Cappuccino each. These were also really good and two cups of the best coffee we had during the whole trip. I gave mine a 4.5 and my mom gave her one a 5. At only €1,50, they were a real bargain.

Coffee at Hotel Valle Rossa

Via San Filippo Neri, 28, San Giovanni Rotondo

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Gran Caffe

We visited the Gran Café on the way back from San Giovanni Rotondo. Foggia was one of the stops on the way to Rome and we had thought it looked really nice on the way in, so decided to have a little wander on the way back. We stumbled across the Gran Café and walked in. The cafe was amazing. It was very busy, with two men behind the counter, but they still made sure that we were comfortable. They helped me find a power socket and made sure that the WIFI connection was fast.

Cafe at Gran Caffe

I ordered a Caffe Shakerato here, which was one of my favourite drinks from the whole journey, and definitely something I would recommend to anyone who plans on visiting Foggia. Foggia is conveniently located to act as a pitstop for anyone traveling through Italy.

Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 11, 71121 Foggia.

Agora Restaurant & Bar

The final stop on our coffee quest. The Agora Restaurant & Bar wasn’t the best place to end on. We ordered a Cafe Macchiato and a Cappuccino. The Cafe macchiato was very weak and tasted relatively poor, whilst the Cappuccino tasted nice but was still very weak. However, one thing we did find was that their pastries were very, very nice (some of the best in the area) and their service was very good.

Coffee at Agora Restaurant & Bar

We were offered the drinks as part of a free breakfast from the Funny Palace Hostel, so maybe it makes sense that they didn’t taste absolutely incredible.

Via Milazzo, 43, 00185

The Best Coffee in Europe is…

Our quest to find the best coffee was a success. We found several cups which tasted great – and a few which were less than stellar. However, now is the moment of truth: the moment where we have to pick which place served the best coffee. It’s a tough one, but I think we’ve come to a conclusion.

Coffee at V y TA

The best place for order coffee is at the V y TA in Rome; especially if you’re going to order a Soy Latte. The taste is great, the service exceptional, and they even have some good pastries. So, if you’re ever in Rome, forget the allure of cute little cafes and take yourself to V y TA. Your inner coffee lover will thank you for it.


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    I should’ve waited until I finished my self-made, all-black coffee here at home :) All the coffees you’ve tried during your trip look delicious. The Shakerato looks really interesting indeed, hopefully I’ll have a chance to give it a try some day.

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    What fun. All the coffees look great. When my sister visits me, I visit her, or we travel together, we hunt out interesting coffee shops. I’ll hang onto this in case we find ourselves touring Europe together.

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