Is Canada The Healthiest Country To Travel In?

Are you looking to pack up your friends and head out for some life-changing travels? Well, it is true that you have a variety of different destinations right at your fingertips, but how many of these truly offer healthy and safe traveling? You have probably heard that Canada is one of the healthiest countries to travel in, but you might still be hesitant about visiting the country because you aren’t 100% sure if this is true or not.

Lake Louise

Well, it is no mistake that Travel And Leisure named Canada at the 2017 travel destination of the year and a lot of this was in part due to their healthy offerings. So, what exactly does Canada have to offer in terms of health that other countries can’t offer you?

Soak In The Views At The Gorgeous National Parks

If you live in the United States or have ever visited it you probably already know that the country is packed with tons of stunning nature views. Well, Canada offers twice the stunning views that you can find in the US. The Banff National Park offers a stunning glacial lake that will just melt away the stress and make you truly appreciate life. Don’t forget to hit up the Bay of Fundy, as you can watch waterfalls run in reverse.

Canada National Park

Not only will you have to hike through healthy environments to reach these destinations, but also once you get there and see the stunning views, it will be like you got a new lease on life. Along with this, all of these parks are open year-round and offer free admissions.

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Fruitful Outdoor Workout Options

With all the national parks there truly are plenty of opportunities to get an excellent workout in the sun. The sun can provide you with the vitamin D that you need to keep your body healthy, while you get your daily workout in a stunning background. Whether you choose to spend the day hiking or biking, these serene backdrops will give you the motivation and encouragement that you need to get up off the couch and out into the fresh air.

Moraine Lake

Just remember that if you aren’t a hiker or biker, you always have the option to either go kayaking or maybe canoeing at Kouchibouguac National Park. There is also scuba diving and heli-skiing available in other places if you want to kick up the intensity a bit.

Take Advantage Of The Maple Syrup

Are you one of those individuals that love to eat healthy like us? Are you always considering the calories and ingredients before garbling down your meals? Maybe you have told yourself that you are going to start eating healthier and just never have. Whatever the situation is, a visit to Canada will be the perfect opportunity. It is no big secret that maple syrup is delicious, but it is featured in plenty of healthy recipes.

Pancakes with maple syrup

Well, you probably didn’t know that 80% of the world’s supply of maple syrup actually comes from Canada. With all the syrup farms located throughout the country, you can literally go straight to the source and get you healthy fill or natural sweetener.

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Reducing Their Carbon Foot Print

It is no huge secret that everyday pollution from transportation and factories are contributing to global warming and other harmful climate changes. Well, due to their precious wildlife Canadians are making huge strides to reduce their carbon footprint. The country is making some of the hugest and most impressive strides in the carbon pollution department and they are making great efforts to increase their energy-efficiency as well as investing in cleaner transportation. This is not only extremely great for the environment, but it is increasing the overall health and life of their citizens as well. In the next five to ten years Canada could be one of the healthiest places in the world to live.

Growing In The Tech Industry

Many individuals have already seen the impact that technology can have on the medical industry. Not only are new and exciting medical technologies offer individuals long and healthier lives, but this new technology is giving many individuals an overall better quality of life. Well, Canada’s tech reputation is growing throughout the world, as they have made many impressive strides and breakthroughs.

Phone technology

In fact, some of their artificial intelligence and biotechnology findings could be amongst some of the most advanced in the world. These advancements are not only helping the citizens, but they could potentially help the world become an all-around healthier place to live.

Better Healthcare Options

Did you know that Canadians are living as much as a decade longer than Americans? Many are contributing this to the healthcare system. It is no mistake that the American healthcare system is in shambles right now, which is preventing most citizens from even getting regular checkups. With Canada’s more affordable and accessible healthcare doctors are able to better care for patients and offer them healthier living solutions.

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Are you ready to visit Canada and get more healthy now?


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