Hong Kong Welcome To!

Today at 11:15 am local time we finally arrived in Hong Kong Kowloon. It’s us enjoying the ferry cruise this afternoon after a long journey from China. We look pretty tired (and we felt like this) but also happy and ready to take this city this summer! We are not sure how long we are going to stay here. What we know is that we can’t leave Hong Kong unless we get the Vietnamese visa and all needed vaccinations sorted out for our cycling adventures starting in Vietnam, maybe going further… who knows…


Yesterday morning we took 16-hour train from Xiushan to Guangzhou. Nothing unusual happened this time as I slept all the way (bought hard sleepers this time, RMB260 per person). We met only one Chinese girl who was heading to Shenzhen (as we were), took some photos together and had a nice chat.

IMG 7599

We took our bikes with us and left in the corner of the train as the train staff didn’t mind it.

IMG 7607

When we arrived in Guangzhou, we went to the nearest ticket office to buy the train ticket for Guangzhou-Shenzhen fast train (RMB80, 1h ride). The train looked very posh, unlike other Chinese trains we used to travel by.


After getting to Shenzhen, we crossed the border and got the metro tickets ($HK40) to firstly arrive at Hung Hom station and then change to Tsim Sha Tsui station. Of course, we could go directly from Guangzhou to Hong Kong by taking the fast train without stopping in Shenzhen but it was twice more expensive and we had a lot of time and energy to go this way. We saved $HK100 per person :).

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We were just about to leave the Tsim Sha Tsui station when one Indian guy asked us “Do you need a cheap hostel?” After a few minutes of Cez excellent bargain skills we got a nice room with two beds (en-suite) for HK$150 (HK$ 75 per person) [Angel Guest House, Block C, 13th floor]. We left our stuff in the room and went to the city centre. The first thing we did, after exchanging the money, was to take the ferry to the other side of Hong Kong and get a nice Subway sandwich!


I enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Hong Kong city and my spicy Italian sub of the day as well (after nearly a year of eating Chinese food only) ! ! :)


It has been very hot and humid all day in Hong Kong. I checked the weather forecast and it said it was going to rain all day long. It has been very nice, no rain. As every time I visit Hong Kong it amazes me with its high speed, glamorous shopping centres, people rushing, beautiful views and my favourite palm trees!


It was such a relief for me to leave China. I had been feeling, for some time, that China was too much for me, like I was there for too long. When leaving I had mixed feelings. Loved the country in terms of scenery and travel challenges but never understood Chinese people and their way of thinking.

So far, we faced no problems with traveling with bikes. We are always asked to remove the front wheels so we can easily get into the train or the subway. We don’t pay extra fees for bikes either. I struggle a lot when taking the stairs as I have to carry the bike with my two pretty big backpacks.

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Hope everything goes well with our visas tomorrow. As soon as we meet our friends, get visas and visit Macau we start our cycling adventure in Vietnam!

Will keep you posted.

Hong Kong, bring it on!


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