Business in Bangkok – The Case Study Hotel Review

Traveling isn’t always about being sociable, especially if you’re away on business, and it’s nice to know that there’s decent accommodation out there to suit your budget and give you the facilities you need to get your work done. But is The Case Study Hotel in Bangkok worthy of such praise? While hanging out with a beer-pong playing crowd has its place, sometimes you just want to get away from everyone and focus on some life administration. Or just veg out and watch uninterrupted Netflix for several hours.

Case Study Hotel Bangkok

So, we decided to try to find ourselves an oasis of calm in one of the rowdiest, crowdiest cities in the world. Did we succeed? You’ll have to read on to find out!


Those of you who have visited Bangkok will know that location is everything in this metropolis because it’s enormous and traffic can be a nightmare. In a city with over 8.2 million people vying for space on the roads and public transport if you’re out in the sticks it might take you a while to get where you want to be.

Case Study Hotel Bangkok

Thankfully, Case Study is in the popular Sukhumvit area of the city, and there’s plenty of things to see and do on your doorstep. Phetchaburi is your nearest MRT station, which is a godsend for getting around and the airport rail link is only 5 minutes away, which is great for escaping when Bangkok finally does you in!

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What is this place?

Aptly enough, the hotel is named after an experiment to see if 6 university friends could own and run a hotel. Inspired by a passion for art and design, 5 architecture graduates and one chef (of which more anon) decided to venture into the world of hospitality and catering.

Case Study Hotel Bangkok

Case Study Hotel is the result, and we must say, we think their project gets some pretty good marks!

Getting away from it all

One of the hotel’s biggest advantages is its secluded location while still being in a bustling part of town. It makes for the perfect hideout for digital nomads such as ourselves and sometime travel companion Lydia, as we often crave a quiet place in which we can bash the keyboard’s keys for a while. Case Study is just that – the convenience of a trendy guesthouse with great coffee thrown in for good measure!

Brunch Time!

We mentioned one of the co-owners is a chef, and it doesn’t do the catering side of your business any harm when that’s the case. They serve delicious food here, with Cez and Lydia devouring a fresh brunch of poached eggs and salmon.

Brunch at Case Study Hotel Bangkok

Asian dishes are available on site and there’s an a la carte menu too, but if you want to venture elsewhere, there are plenty of other options nearby. Don’t do so before at least giving the Case Study a try though!

The devil is in the details

The guesthouse offers 6 rooms in total, which is a really nice size and means it will never get overcrowded. Cez was particularly fond of the attention to detail when it came to the décor, including a nice touch where every room had its coordinates displayed on the wall.

Room at Case Study Hotel Bangkok

Rooms are clean and comfortable, with free toiletries and towels provided.

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Booo! Downsides!

We’ll rarely stay anywhere that’s perfect, but while certain places leave a lot to be desired, for the most part, Case Study Hotel delivers. However, one little niggle we had (could be a big niggle depending on the kind of person you are) is that you need to pay an extra 300 Thai Baht if you want your room cleaned during your stay. That’s about 10 bucks which most people would rather spend elsewhere!

Case Study Hotel Bangkok

Rooms are only cleaned before and after check out for free, but if you’re here for an extended stay it’s a tad inconvenient. We know that many of you travel on a budget and when there are extra costs here and there – it can all add up!

Speaking of check-ins and outs…

That being said, the relaxed midday check-outs are really nice if you fancy a lie in on your day of departure. Even if you’re here chilling out, being so close to the infamous Soi Cowboy street might tempt you and you’ll be thankful you’re not getting turfed out at the crack of dawn. Checking in is from a leisurely 14.00.

Other facilities

All your mod cons await you at the Case Study including decent Wifi. There’s nothing worse than being a travel blogger and staying somewhere that claims to have a good connection and letting you down miserably. It’s also pleasing to note all rooms have the service, so even if you don’t want to nurse a great coffee in the charming café, you can hide away in your room and work until your heart’s content.

Case at Case Study Hotel Bangkok

Rooms also have air-con, TV’s, tea and coffee facilities and a mini bar. There’s also a garden area and lounge if you fancy socialising with other guests but make no mistake – a party zone it is not – even if they attract a number of students who come here to use the facilities and study together. If you’re looking to get messy, you’ve come to the wrong place!

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Final thoughts

Case Study Hotel has made a great go in achieving exactly the kind of ambience they’re looking for while attracting exactly the kind of clientele who would benefit from it. Friendly staff complete the package, and as a calm retreat in an otherwise chaotic neighbourhood, it’s well recommended for digital travelers who are looking to stay connected in more ways than just decent Wifi.

Where would you recommend to stay in Bangkok? Let us know for next time!


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8 thoughts on “Business in Bangkok – The Case Study Hotel Review”

  1. Avatar of Ryan Biddulph

    Cool that you can get away from it all in this place Agness. Gotta have that in Bangkok! Too hectic sometimes. Which is why we stay there for only 3-4 days at a time between trips to and from the US. Quick layover, enjoy it then move on. You found a winner though. Even with a 10 USD cleaning fee LOL.

  2. Avatar of Pedro

    Very interesting place, I’ve never heard of it, to be honest. That’s actually my favourite location (with Khan San a close contender), so I may just try it out next time I’m in Bangkok. But I agree, having to pay 300THB to have the room cleaned is not good. Maybe they should clean it for free every 3 days? Because, if someone is staying for 10 nights, it just doesn’t sound fair. Especially if we consider they’d have to clean it anyway, for those one-nighters.

    1. Avatar of Agness Walewinder
      Agness Walewinder

      Hey, Pedro! You won’t make a mistake staying there. Cleaning it for free every three days sounds very reasonable. :)

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