How To Travel To Grand Canyon On A Budget

No matter how many times you’ve seen the Grand Canyon on TV or in photos, nothing can prepare you for the sheer scale and awe-inspiring beauty of this landmark. With the mighty Colorado River flowing along its base, this iconic and ancient sight in the north-west of Arizona, is one of the most impressive natural wonders on Earth.

If you’re not careful, it’s easy to splash a lot of cash when visiting the canyon, but the following tips could help you experience this vast national park, without busting your budget in the process.

Scour the market for the best deals

First and foremost, make sure you look out for the best deals available on transport and accommodation. You might be surprised by how much money you can save by scouring the market for attractive offers. If you can be flexible about when you travel, so much the better.

Consider camping

Another top money saving tip is to consider camping rather than shelling out for a hotel, lodge, or cabin. OK, so you might sacrifice a little in the way of luxury, but you stand to make big savings by sleeping in the great outdoors. There are a number of camp sites dotted around the park, so you shouldn’t struggle to find a suitable pitch.

Make the most of free activities

Be sure to take advantage of the free activities on offer in the Grand Canyon too. For example, you can set off on hiking routes like the Bright Angel Trail, and the North Rim Trail. Meanwhile, a low-cost option is to embark on scenic drives through the dramatic landscape. These inexpensive pastimes offer you the perfect chance to explore the park without blowing a whole in your budget.

Prepare your own meals

It pays off to plan your meals carefully too. If you head off for a day’s sightseeing without thinking about what you’ll eat, you could end up shelling out a small fortune on snacks from cafes and restaurants. Instead, by preparing some sandwiches, salads or other meals that are easy to eat on the go, you’ll be able to fill up cheaply.

As long as you follow advice like this, it’s possible to explore the Grand Canyon without stretching your finances too far.

Any budget tips you would like to add?


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24 thoughts on “How To Travel To Grand Canyon On A Budget”

  1. santafetraveler

    Use the wonderful free shuttle system they have. We were there recently without a car and loved the convenience.

  2. The Grand Canyon is definitely a reason why I want to visit the United States. Thanks for sharing those budget tips.

  3. Great tips on saving money! Grand Canyon is truly magnificent and there’s nothing like it if it’s enjoyed on a budget.

  4. Katie Featherstone

    I’d love to camp in the Grand Canyon! I can’t imagine how amazing it would feel to wake up in the morning and remember where you are. It must be such an incredible sight in real life- photos never quite do landscapes justice and it already looks awesome! :)

  5. Joella // Paper Crane Stories

    The Grand Canyon is beautiful isn’t it. I only did a short hike there years ago when I was travelling in the USA, but we’re moving to California soon so I’m sure we’ll go to the Grand Canyon on a road trip at some point. It would be fun to camp!

  6. I went out to the canyon a few years ago. Its so beautiful. We camped along the North Rim in the dispersed camping along the logging roads. It was amazing but we heard bobcats at night and I was pretty convinced I was gonna die. Since we didn’t get eaten- it was totally worth it :)

  7. Izy Berry - The Wrong Way Home

    Very useful tips. Thanks! Grand Canyon is tremendous and is a must-see attraction!

  8. So many great tips! We didn’t make it to the Grand Canyon in January when we tried to go so I’ll definitely save those for next time. It’s on my road trip USA bucket list!

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