Why We, Travel Bloggers, Are Such Hungry Peeps!?

[box type=”alert” size=”large” style=”rounded” border=”full”]Today’s post is all about the food so don’t read it on an empty stomach!

Hungry peeps

“People who love to eat are always the best people”

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Julia Child

A girl is eating candies in Sri Lanka
Indulging in a local candy, Sri Lanka


Food and Travel

Food is an essential part of our travels – everyone can agree with that. Almost all travelers love to try different dishes, experiment with new foods, mix flavours and spices to see what new food combinations they can discover. We all (travel bloggers) seem to be curious about foreign cuisines and there is nothing better than indulging in a Belgium waffle, Italian pizza, Chinese baozi, Japanese sushi, Polish pierogi, Czech trdelnik or Indian curry, right? More adventurous and passionate food lovers (like Cez and myself) can go a little bit extreme with eating, for example, when trying Chinese bees, fried Thai cockroaches or Vietnamese bugs.

A boy is eating a mooncake
Cez and his yummy mooncake, China


Food obsession in bloggers’ world

In today’s post, I would like to focus on traveler-food relation. What I have noticed, when looking through various travel social media channels, is that we (travel bloggers) are getting more and more obsessed with the food. When I check out Pinterest updates daily, all I can see are pictures of food – delicious looking cakes, perfectly cooked meat, fruity smoothies, jars of candies and bowls of morning cereal topped with berries and nuts. When I check out Facebook updates, the majority of photos illustrate (guess what) food, but this time it’s mostly street food and restaurant dishes. I won’t even mention the Instagram mostly filled with pictures of Starbucks coffees (like I have never seen one in my life:)). Although we follow only travel related accounts on all social media channels, I have a feeling we belong to a culinary, not travel, circle. I don’t mind it. I actually love it. I could stare at photos of food all day long if I could. I love the vivid colors of some exotic dishes, the texture of local specialities and the shape of some fruits I’ve never seen in Europe before. All in moderation though.

Instagram picture food
Pictures of food we post regularly on our social media channels


Don’t you think we (including myself) often go overboard on food, bombarding others with what we eat when traveling? If so, why do we do it? Is it because we strongly believe that the way to people’s heart is through their stomach or we just fancy looking at something that gives us the pleasure (in this case pleasure of eating)?

SE Asian Cuisine GP
SE Asian dishes – all yummy and healthy!


Is every travel blogger a foodie blogger nowadays?

camera and hot chocolate
Camera and food are inherent when traveling


Recently, we came across two terms: “foodie blogger” and “foodie traveler”. A foodie is a gourmet, or a person who has an ardent or refined interest in food and alcoholic beverages. Since food has played such a great role in traveling and we all blog about the food we eat in different parts of the world, can we call ourselves foodie bloggers as well? I guess most of budget travel bloggers can identify with the following behaviours:

  • Obsessive taking pictures of food before and after each meal (at least 10 different photos of the same food item).
  • Daily food binges when travel (we can’t just take pictures of food, we need to try it all for the sake of “food research” for our blog).
  • Having a list of favourite foods around the world (the list is getting bigger and bigger every day).
  • When we are hungry, we get grumpy and sightseeing is not that much fun.
  • We smile when we have a first bite of something sweet when visiting a foreign country.
  • We are all coffee lovers (or at least most of us).
  • Posing with food in every single picture (most common pose “I pretend I don’t know that you are taking a picture of me while eating”).
A girl is eating in Macau
Having a Portuguese breakfast in Macau


Social media triggers

I have never been so passionate about the food like right now. When I started my very first travel experience (London 2008), I was mainly focusing on history of places I was heading to, top spots and monuments, local galleries and museums and never ever cared much about the food I was eating. Actually, I thought that taking a picture of your full English breakfast in London or croissant in Paris was silly, embarrassing and stupid. I was like “Everybody knows what croissant looks like so why should I take a photo of it!?!?” I didn’t have a blog back then though. Since we started blogging and joined the travel social media channels, we noticed that posting photos of food is something natural, normal and yet compulsory.

Pinterest is all about food nowadays


Once I started focusing more on food when traveling, I discovered a real food passion. Right now, I can’t imagine my week without having something unusual to eat in China and when I travel in Asia, I am excited about the new dishes I am about to try.

Are you also obsessed with taking photos of food when traveling and posting them on social media channels? What do you think about this phenomenon?

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  • Interesting post guys! Gastronomy is an important piece of the culture of a country, through traditional dishes and ingredients you get to know more about a territory, so it’s perfectly normal we are kind of obsessed with food (well, also because we like to eat!!). Besides, cities like Barcelona or Girona are posing to become a food travel destination, here in Catalonia we have the “best restaurant in the world” and some people visit the country with the only purpouse to EAT ;-)))

  • Eating is probably my favorite aspect of traveling, but I hardly have any photos of food because, ironically, I haven’t really done any traveling since I started my blog. The few times I have gone out to eat with my camera, I’m always so hungry by the time the food arrives and it looks so good, that I completely forget to take any pictures and just start eating. I think I’ll only ever get photos of disgusting looking food.

    • You are so much like me. When the food arrives I am just way too hungry to take some good pictures, but one quick snapshot is always compulsory!

  • I recently read an article that said “if you photograph what you eat, it will taste even better!!!” I am not sure that this is entirely true, but I feel that trying a different cuisine with different ingredients and cooking techniques is an adventure in itself. We begin to gain insight of a certain culture through its food and we gain knowledge of the food sources available in that country. The last time my husband and I traveled to Thailand, we made it a mission to eat where the locals dined and we made some of the most amazing memories while dining with the locals!

    • Great quote Constance and so true :). Me and Cez also dined out like locals when in Thailand and we must admit Thai cuisine is one of our favourite ones!

  • Eating is one of the most enjoyable aspects of travel. Be it street food or in a restaurant. I end up eating things that I would normally not eat at home. It also influences what I eat when I am not travelling. Since I returned from my last trip I have lost 7kgs.

  • I think it’s unavoidable. If you have wanderlust, you want to be a part of every place you manage to get to and that includes FOOD. :-D

  • I have to admit that I noticed it too. Before I had my blog I wasn’t that obsessed with food as I am now. I liked to try the food but didn’t have to take a picture. It was a nice minor matter. When travelling to another country now, trying the local food seems to be almost as important as sightseeing or learning about the history. I think it intensifies your cultural experience in some kind of way. And I really love that everything has evolved like this, I love to try so much new food, it’s just part of my travel lifestyle nowadays. And as food is a huge part of a country’s identification and culture, I’d say it’s kind of necessary to write about in order to see the whole picture.

  • Food is such an important part of travel unless you eat at McDonald’s or Kentucky Fried- then you may as well stay home. What is grown locally? What do locals eat? Where do they eat? It’s all a part of the big picture. We love food so much we have a weekly post on it. Keep eating and writing about it. Great photos! Made me hungry and per instructions, I read it on a full stomach.

    • I know Billie how much you both like to eat. I always love reading your food posts and checking out the new recipes.

  • This is a brilliant post! And fits perfectly seeing as I just wrote my own piece today about food haha! I used to stare at people thinking why the hell are they taking pics of food but now I do it all the time as well! Food is too good not to photograph though and then dribble over while you remember it later :)

  • Agness, I relate so much to your post… Just a couple of hours ago I had this gorgeous kebab (yep, a kebab!) and started taking pictures, when I noticed some locals curiously looking at me. They probably thought I hadn´t eaten in days.

  • I am totally guilty of this too…but at the same time I still sometimes feel embarrased or silly taking pictures of food before I eat (and always having to remind my partner, Zab, not to dig straight in until I’ve got my photo!) It’s weird, isn’t it? But to be honest, I am definitely attracted to visit places if I’ve seen photos of food from there that looks really good and like something I’d want to eat.

  • Ah food, glorious food! Well Agness, I am totally guilty of taking so many pics which I have been doing since I was like 11 years old. Old habits die hard.

    Food itself is essential to our daily lives and I have had amazing experiences during my travels. I like to remember what meals I had and where ;)

    My favorite memories is capturing images made by locals, real meals and then send them a copy via email. They are delighted!

    Great post ;)

    • Old habits die hard – well said! I guess I’ll never change. It’s so funny because that feels so weird not taking a picture before having my meal, even if it’s just a piece of fruit!!!!

  • This is how it happened with me. I started traveling for the love of traveling and food was an afterthought. It didn’t take long until I was tired of the prepackaged chain restaurant food and started seeking out new foods. Next thing you know and I’m eating something called a Thanksgiving Turkey Burger for lunch today ;)

  • This post made me so hungry. Oh Agness, this is so true. One of the things we look forward to experiencing when traveling is eating. It’s always fun to see what and where the locals eat. As for my husband, the weirder the food the better. I also always enjoy seeing what fellow travel bloggers, like you guys, eat when they’re traveling.

  • I agree! Since I started travelling, food naturally followed. I guess it’s cos food is really part of travelling, it’s part of the culture too.
    Love your food adventures Agness and I hope we get the chance to grab a bite together wherever in the world!

    • Yes, that’s something you just can’t miss when trying to understand the foreign culture and traditions, huh? Yes, we definitely gotta catch up Aggy. I am dreaming of indulging in a huge plate of pierogi with you!

  • I think food pictures are an easy way to show people something interesting and different about the culture. Plus, everyone can have an opinion about food because everyone likes to eat! :)

    Also, people definitely seem to like reading about food. Even though I’m not much of a foodie at all, on the rare occasion that I do mention food my readers respond pretty well. And a lot of people back home ask me what the food is like in Spain every time I go home too.

  • How I get you!
    The foodie in me has developed SO MUCH ever since I started traveling (and ever since I installed Instagram too!). In the beginning I enjoyed eating local food but now I go after it like crazy – and I enjoy a much vaster range of flavors than before.
    I have come to understand that eating local is one of the simpler yet deeper things that can connect you to a given place is very little time. Food is an expression of tradition, culture and even an ice-breaker when it comes to conversations with local people. At least in Portugal, if you wanna make friends, try the food and talk about it with people you meet.. I guarantee you’ll make friends very quick! :)

    • I know. It’s definitely an ice-breaker especially here in China when eating goes first! I hope to make it to Portugal soon, hopefully next year!

  • I agree with you fully. Food and discovering new dishes while traveling is part of the whole experience and I always try to eat local. When I can I also try to learn to make some local food so I can cook them the next opportunity that comes along. I like posting food photos on social media too because I enjoy to look at the ones other people post. Sometimes it’s even inspiring to me and I’d like to think I can be inspiring for others too.

    • I know you guys. It’s great you try to cook the local dishes at home. We do the same to feel like we were still there!

  • I’ve actually been taking photos of my food since well before I became a travel blogger. It’s just gotten more intense and focused now. But my food posts are super popular so I’m definitely going to keep doing it. Food is such an integral part of any society and can also be very different from what you eat at home. People are curious!

  • I agree with you. To my understanding, we do travel blogging to learn, explore and experience different cultures. Food is part of culture. Communities have different cultures thus different types of foods. To add on, we have to taste that food.

  • O no! I didn’t heed your advice and read this post on an empty stomach. Now I’m starving!!!! I think I’ve always been a bit of a foodie, though perhaps I didn’t consider myself one until I began traveling so much. Food is such an essential element of traveling and understanding cultures though! One thing we’ve been wanting to focus on on our blog more is food, though we typically gulp it all down before we can break out the camera ;)

  • I’m guilty of the same! I never used to take photos and Southeast Asia changed me, I ended up taking a photo of every single thing I ate one month :) Cool to look back now!

  • We can’t help it! We love to travel and we love to eat to compensate the tiring thing about travel. Good thing we go walk and walk instead of just taking a cab to explore. So that’s why we need to eat ;)

  • I have to admit I’m one of those people who don’t get it why people tend to take a photo of what they are eating. Makes me feel envious and would want to eat what they are having lol. But for a while I have learned to appreciate the photos I see on a travel blog and its nice to know that there is a unique kind of dish that exists on different parts of the world.

    • If you are a travel blogger, you know you will write about the food so you need some photos to attach to your post + everyone loves looking at food pictures :)!!

  • I always like taking pictures of the different local foods as memory keep sakes. Actually, when looking back at photos, I seem to ‘sense’ the memory more if it is one with me in the picture with the local food vs one of me in front of a monument/building. And yes you are right, since starting my blog, I too have noticed a shift in focus of many travel bloggers towards food. I thought at first it was like one of those phenomenon’s you buy a yellow car and then you see a lot more yellow cars on the road! :)

    • That’s true. I sometimes like to sit down and just keep looking at food photos I’ve taken on my travels. They can remind you great things of the country!

  • In my opinion different food simply belongs to different cultures and therefore you have to taste the food of the places you trave lto in order to fully experience the place and its culture.

    I mean, I would feel weird when I would eat a Wiener Schnitzel at a street restaurant in Chiang Mai. Another reason why so many travel writers are obsessed with food might be that they are sick of the fast food shit they are confronted with each and every day in the western society.

    • Exactly, I agree. You can learn a lot about the country and its culture through the food and yes, great point, we are sick of unhealthy and fatty fast food.

  • I am utterly obsessed with food and I am always thinking of the next meal or snack, so it made sense for me to start a blog about my two passions of food and travel.

    I am much happier discovering a new tasty treat then I am visiting my fifth temple of the day, or museum or must see sight! Always love a good food pic :-)

    • Rob, that sounds like we have a lot in common. Would love to meet you one day on our travel to ding into a nice meal!

  • Hi Agnes! Guilty, I definitely take pictures of my food all the time. I have my own food blog, so usually I’ll serve everyone then spend an extra 10 minutes arranging and photographing my plate…

    If you are ever able to break your budget in Germany, I think I have the perfect walking tour for you: a food tour from eat-the-world. It’s a 3-hour walking tour where you sample all sorts of typical and not-so-typical treats from local restaurants and shops. And you learn about the history of the area, too. They have walking tours in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt… 10 German cities in total. Sounds delicious, right?

      • Ooops, just saw my comment already posted and I just tried to post the same thing again, so feel free to delete that new one! The dangers of the internet!

        Anyhow, do look into a food tour – they are delicious AND you won’t have to worry about how much you eat since you’re walking between all the culinary stops anyway!

  • Guilty, I definitely take pictures of my food all the time. I have my own food blog, so usually everyone else will start eating while I spend an extra 10 minutes arranging and photographing my plate…

    Hey, if you are ever able to break your budget in Germany, I think I have the perfect walking tour for you: a food tour from eat-the-world. It’s a 3-hour walking tour where you sample all sorts of typical and not-so-typical treats from local restaurants and shops. And you learn about the history of the area, too. They have walking tours in 10 German cities in total. Sounds delicious, right? Here is the main site: https://www.eat-the-world.com/

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