Food, Food and more Food! Vietnamese Cuisine: Yum-yum!

What do Vietnamese eat? The answer is pretty simple: EVERYTHING – from frog and crocodile meat to bugs and spiders.

Vietnamese cuisine is mainly based on vegetables (boiled, stir fried with garlic, salad made or raw veggies eaten straight away). The real treat is the Vietnamese soup sold almost everywhere with different kinds of noodles.

Moreover, Vietnamese cuisine is mostly famous for the medium in mixing and cooking, never too salty, too sweet or too fatty with lots of small pieces of meat mainly chicken and pork. Spices for Vietnamese foods are plentiful and contain many herbs such as chilli, onion, peppers, basil, ginger, lemon leaves.

Vietnamese are absolutely crazy about fresh tropical fruits so you can grab a mango, jackfruit or dragon fruit on your way back home and it is always tasty, fruity and organic.

Here are the photos of some of Vietnamese best food treats we have ever had; from snake and scorpion wines, Saigon spring rolls to delicious roasted baby chicken wings.You can have a look and enjoy Vietnamese cuisine with us! Enjoy your meal!


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