What To Do When You Cannot Travel

It’s hard to miss all the news about the worldwide Covid-19 virus outbreak. Everywhere you look it seems everyone is talking about it.

Since we are all affected by it, let’s make sure we all do our part.

This blog is all about travel. Yet, now it’s not a good time to travel.

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Why It’s Important to Stay Home Now

It’s time to stay home! This seems to be the best way to slow down the spread of the pandemic. It’s how we can collectively protect our loved ones, especially grandparents.

Plus, a lot of international borders are already closed. But again, travel is strongly discouraged even if it’s not yet the case for the country you’d like to visit.

CDC (Centers for Disease Control) issued a global warning against all nonessential travel. This, unfortunately, is an exclusion in most travel insurance policies and in most cases mean that you won’t be covered for Covid-19 related expenses if you decide to travel.

We are not experts in pandemics so here’s a well-researched and composed video explaining what to do and why.

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What To Do If You’re Already Abroad

Contact your embassy if you’d like to return home, they may be able to assist you.

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Check your travel insurance if you’re covered for repatriation and/or pandemic related costs. Not many policies will cover you for Covid-19 abroad. Nomad Insurance is one of the few policies you can get that will cover you for Covid-19.

If you’re in a hotel, and prefer to stay in the country you’re visiting, like Agness, try to book a longer stay in advance to secure a place to stay and a good rate.

Get a VPN to follow local news back home and have a secure access to your favorite entertainment.

What To Do When You Cannot Travel

Only because you can’t move around it’s not an excuse to waste time or complain. There are many important things you can do to improve your life and mental health now and when the pandemic is over.


Keeping active will improve your immune system and your mood. Don’t underestimate the impact of physical activity on the way you see the world.

For my workouts, I use resistance band that I also bring with me wherever I travel. For me, it’s a personal gym that is universal and lightweight. You can buy resistance band online and have it delivered to your home.

Here’s a resistance band home workout by Chris Heria, whose advice I follow for the past few years.

YouTube video

There are also many exercises that you can do with just your body within a limited space, or even limited time. Here are some examples of fast home workouts.

YouTube video

Create a Passive Income

Easier said than done, but hear me out.

I wouldn’t recommend trying to create a passive income if I didn’t try it myself. It’s difficult, time-consuming and very satisfying! Pays off in the long run if you stick around long enough and work on it consistently. Certainly not for everyone.

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If You Just Want Quick Money

Freelancing is faster if you just want to start earning money online.

You probably read the 4-hour Workweek and maybe even tried to do it yourself (if you have not read it, I still recommend you do). Creating a passive income source is actually much harder than Tim Ferries makes it out to be. Learning to freelance is much faster and there are many online courses available.


If You’re Persistent and Hard Working

If you know that you can be persistent and hard working, then you can try your strengths in creating a passive income stream.

Start an Authority Site

The best way to make passive and long term income that we know is blogging. Of course, there are other ways but we are far from knowing enough about them to give advice.

Our blog, Etramping, consistently supports our travels and lifestyle since 2014. So much so that we no longer need other employment, and we feel very blessed with the financial freedom we gained from starting a blog.

Telling you exactly how to do it is outside of the scope of this article. However, you can sign up for a completely free webinar that will explain how authority sites generate income and how to go about starting one from scratch.

We ended up signing up for their paid course which improved our earnings even though we already knew a big chunk of what they’re teaching.

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Daydream and Plan Future Travels

Take your time and plan in detail your future travels. As soon as everything goes back to normal, and we’re positive that it will eventually, you will be ready to put your plans into action.

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Contribute an Article to Etramping

It’s a bit of self-promotion – full disclosure – but if you feel like you’d like to try your strengths in travel writing then check out our Contribute page. We’d be happy to see your idea.

Be Patient and Positive!

It’s a very challenging time for everyone and we hope that you, your family and friends are safe and healthy. We pray that this trying time will be over soon and that we all get stronger from it.

Please stay positive and support each other!


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