Must See In Amsterdam: Scheepvaartmuseum

If you’re a fan of military, Dutch history and exploring maritime museums, the National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam would be top-notch choice.


Scheepvaartmuseum will show you how Dutch culture has been shaped by the sea and you will be taken on a wonderful journey back in the Golden Age and the tale of the whale. Get ready for a wonderful experience stepping back in time.

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About Scheepvaartmuseum

The exhibitions at the National Maritime Museum will allow you to explore 500 years of maritime history of Dutch military.

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There are special exhibitions for children (See you in the Golden Age and the Tale of the whale), the famous replica of the East Indiaman Amsterdam is back at the quay, Port 24/7, beautiful paintings and interesting photo albums. The museum has been completely renovated, but still exudes history and is a beautifully imposing and impressive building in the heart of Amsterdam.

Top-notch Exhibitions

East Indiaman Amsterdam

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You can really get a sense of how life used to be on an East Indiaman. The Amsterdam, moored alongside the museum, is an exact copy of the famous Dutch East India Company ship the Amsterdam, lost on her maiden voyage in 1749.


The Amsterdam can rightly be called one of the most stunning pieces in the museum’s collection.

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Absolutely worth checking it out.

The Atlases

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The exhibition entitled The Atlases includes the top pieces from The National Maritime Museum’s extensive collection of maps and atlases.

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See you in the Golden Age

You will get to know this extraordinary time period up close and personal. You will meet characters who lived in the Golden Age and hear their extraordinary stories, such as little Amimba, the young girl who was forced into slavery at a very early age.

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The Tale of the whale

It shows how our image of the largest creatures that ever lived has changed through the centuries. Here you will learn all about whaling and how it turned this mighty creature into an endangered species.


Port 24/7

You will discover all the things that go on in the port of Amsterdam. A spectacular, twenty-metre long model will give you some idea of just how large the port area is – stretching all the way from IJmuiden to the Oranje Locks.

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Voyage at sea

It is an amazingly exciting virtual adventure at sea. Join our voyage and get to know the people and the stories behind these important objects from the collection.

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The collection you see in the museum is of world-class quality and shows how surprisingly rich the tradition of “Holland’s glory” really is.


Visitor Information

  • A day ticket to the museum gives you access to all exhibitions, the replica ship and the opportunity to learn about the fascinating maritime history.
  • The museum, restaurant and the museum shop are open 7 days a week from 9.00 to 17.00.
  • The library is open on Thursdays from 9.30 to 17.00.
  • Museum is closed on King`s Day (27th of April), 25th of December and New Year’s Day (1st of January).
  • Entrance ticket costs 15.00 euros for adults (18 and up) and 7.50 euros for children 5-17 years, students, holders of Stadspas, CJP (Culture Youth Pass).

How to get there

The National Maritime Museum is a 15 minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station. It can be easily reached by public transport. The museum is easy to reach with bus 22 (Indische buurt) and bus 48 (Borneo Eiland). Both departing from Central Station stop at the Prins Hendrikplantsoen in front of Victoria Hotel. Bus stop for the museum is Kadijksplein/ Scheepvaartmuseum. If you are traveling by car, take the A10 ring highway North and take the exit S116 (IJ tunnel). In the vicinity of Het Scheepvaartmuseum, you’ll find 3 parkings: Markenhoven, Oosterdok and Oostenburgereiland.


Would you add Scheepvaartmuseum to your bucket list when in Amsterdam?

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21 thoughts on “Must See In Amsterdam: Scheepvaartmuseum”

  1. Avatar of Katie

    I’m not typically one for visiting museums, but the whale part of this exhibit looks pretty cool. I’ll definitely keep it in mind when I visit Amsterdam! :)

  2. Avatar of Franca

    I like museums, I prefer the art ones especially if modern and contemporary art. I wouldn’t normally choose to visit a maritime museum but it’s good to try and see new things, I might like even more than i think ;)

  3. Avatar of Andrew

    Maritime museums are often really worth visiting. Even though I am not a huge fan of the sea, I loved the ones in Stockholm and Yokohama. So much of human history is tied to the ocean. This one looks really interesting! thanks for sharing!

  4. Avatar of Rahman @ Destination Iran

    Beautiful places! Thanks for introducing Amsterdam.
    It seems that riding a bicycle is the best way to go from place to place. Am I right?

    I’ve got some friends there who are great people. They had always told me about how nice it is to visit their city. Looking at your photos, I think I must make up my mind soon.

  5. Avatar of Daria

    Great adventures in Amsterdam, I truly want to be there! And thanks for inspiring photos, they make me dream! May I ask for your blog to be found on Carde app? I want your and Cez photos from Facebook there! Thanks :)

  6. Avatar of Alexis Kensey

    I went there when I was nannying this summer in Amsterdam with the kids and it was SO child friendly and we had more fun there then at the children’s museum, NEMO. The big boat was of course a hit but they had an amazing children’s wing about animals, and then a place where you could even dress up as a fish and watch a puppet show. And the hammocks in the big ship were a huge hit. You don’t even have to like Maritime history in particular to have fun here. I can’t believe we almost didn’t go!

  7. Avatar of Heather

    I love museums, and it seems that most places I’ve been had a maritime exhibit somewhere. Thanks for posting about a museum, I see a lot of posts that recommend not going, but even with admissions prices I think they’re fun to look around and you can learn a lot.

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