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I’m always positive and never bored – there’s just so much more to see and experience! I began my journey around the world in 2011 with just $400 and one-way ticket to Asia. Still going and blogging today. You can typically spot me working on a laptop or rock climbing.
horseback riding grassland mongolia
Cez Krol

Is Mongolia Worth Visiting

Why visit Mongolia? Uncover its rich history, unique culture, and breathtaking landscapes. This guide offers insights into Mongolian life and adventures.

man holding up white four legged drone
Cez Krol

How to Attach a GoPro to a Drone

Majestic landscape and creation is often best seen from an aerial shot angle, which can only be seen from a drone perspective. Learn how to attach a GoPro to a drone to capture these visuals.

Drone Buying Guide
Cez Krol

Drone Buying Guide in 2023

Things to consider buying a drone in 2022: for beginner and intermediate users, whether you are buying your first drone or upgrading to next level.

camping under the stars in the village at philippines
Cez Krol

Packing Checklist for Camping as a Couple

Camping with your partner can be a fun and romantic experience. Before you camp out, use our packing checklist for camping as a couple to prepare a perfect trip

though it might be difficult at times, pheasant hunting can be fun and rewarding.
Cez Krol

Beginner Guide to Pheasant Hunting

Bird hunting can be fun and challenging. Follow our pheasant hunting tips, and you’ll soon be well on your way to becoming a successful pheasant hunter.

a good pair of binoculars improves your bird watching experience
Cez Krol

Beginner Guide to Bird Watching

Bird watching is a relaxing past time and involves equipment, luck and skill to spot the shy creatures. Read on to find out how make the most out of it.

winter hunting deer packs
Winter Sports
Cez Krol

Beginner Guide to Hunting in Winter

Hunting is not only a summer sport. With enough knowledge and skills, it’s possible to hunt during winter. This beginner’s guide will help you prepare.

having a friend or mentor to hunt with will provide you with expert help and make hunting more fun.
North America
Cez Krol

Beginner Guide to Hunting in America

Get inspired to embark on your hunting journey with these tips and information. This detailed, beginner-friendly guide to hunting in America will help kick-start your adventures!

Cez Krol

Tibet Photo Collage

We were the last batch of foreign travelers in Tibet in 2012. Due to new regulations it’s unlikely others will be able to make it,

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