Vang Vieng in Pictures

Vang Vieng is known as a place where young backpackers go to party insanely and play in the river. Since all river-bank bars had to be closed after the deaths of several people, the reputation of this small Laotian village is now slowly changing back to what attracted people in the first place – it’s beauty and chilled atmosphere. Tubing and drinking are still ones of the most popular attractions, but many other things can be experienced in Vang Vieng.

I spent 9 days in Vang Vieng and it was my the best time in Laos. I have met amazing people, done things I haven’t done before, experienced unforgettable moments and seen stunning scenery.


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Cez Krol
Cez Krol
I’m always positive and never bored – there’s just so much more to see and experience! I began my journey around the world in 2011 with just $400 and one-way ticket to Asia. Still going and blogging today. You can typically spot me working on a laptop or rock climbing.
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29 thoughts on “Vang Vieng in Pictures”

  1. Leszek / The Indie Traveller

    Awesome photos of an awesome place!
    Looks like you’ve had a brilliant time Cez. Just curious what are those things you did that you hadn’t done before :D
    Where to next? Luang Prabang? And then?
    All the best from cold London!

    1. Hey Leszek,

      I’m happy you like them. The things I have not done before are: rock climbing, tubing and back-flip :D

      Now I’m in Vientiane and I have already been in Luang Prabang. Next I’m going to cycle south, but that’s not yet confirmed (need to find a cheap local bicycle first). How about you, what are you up to?


  2. Leszek / The Indie Traveller

    Ahhh… so you’re travelling southwards? I thought you’re making your way up from Cambodia… Rock-climbing, tubing, and a back-flip huh? ;) That’s still awesome!
    And I’m all cozy in chilly London now, dreaming of going back to Korea and Taiwan at the moment :D

    1. I made my way from Cambodia up to Luang Prabang in Laos. Now I am heading back to see more places in the land of Khmers.

      Well, I hope you’ll make it soon and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! Good luck and enjoy holiday season.

    1. Yes, it changed. The difference is that there’s no riverside bars. Most of the people still drink while tubing, but now they have to bring the alcohol with them. Tubing is still good fun, especially when you go with a great bunch of people. I’d recommend going :D

  3. Oh, I remember my friend telling me about this place but I couldn’t remember what it was called. Looks fun but I’m too much of a wuss to mix swimming and alcohol!

    Driftwood and Daydreams

    1. Me either, but Cez told me there is no much drinking and swimming nowadays as too many young kids got killed. I am heading to Laos next month right after I finish my travels in Europe and I simply can’t wait to experience it.

  4. The background scenery looks amazing and the place looks like great fun. What is tubing exactly? I’ve never heard the phrase before.

    1. Yeah, it’s great fun there while surrounded by natural beauty.

      I think that the term tubing is mostly used in Laos. They give you an inner tube from a lorry (so it’s basically bigger than you) and drive you up the river. Then, assuming that’s a river with some current like in Vang Vieng, you go down the river while enjoying the scenery (sometimes a drink) and watching out not to get bruised by the rocks underneath (this is actually the most fun). It’s not a lot of an adventure, but it can be if suddenly the river picks up the pace. A friend of mine told me she nearly drowned in Africa while tubing.

      Go and try it. Especially in Vang Vieng :D Happy travels!

  5. Leszek / The Indie Traveller

    Tubing, my dear, is a philosophy and experience all in one! ^_^ Nowhere else to be found in the world. Unless one is easily satisfied with mediocre copycat ideas! :D

  6. Terrific diving shots Cez.

    The idea of tubing worries me more than it probably should, I know that with the proper care & attention (attention to rocks & alcohol consumption), tubing can probably a fantastic time – but I still feel like a woosie.

    1. Actually, it worries me too Dale. I am planning to visit Laos once I get back to Thailand in the first week of January, but I’m pretty scared of tubing there. I’ve heard it’s been officially closed now, but I don’t really believe it.

  7. Leszek / The Indie Traveller

    Haha yes poetic indeed! As one would be after swinging into water from
    I don’t know from how high after a bucket of whiskey :D Dangerous and stupid? I know! But one lives once only, and sometimes it’s cool to live on the edge :D

    1. Yeah, most of them were after this :D Not any longer though. Although still possible it’s not actively promoted any longer. For me secure rock climbing was like living on the edge (I have a severe fear of heights). Are you going to go back there at some point?

  8. Wow! I honestly had no idea how gorgeous Vang Vieng was, since people usually just talk about the insanity that goes on there. Great pics!

    1. I know what you mean Callie. I have only heard about drinking and tubing in Vang Vieng and was reluctant to go. Thankfully, I have gone and would not regret it. It’s a great scenery and there’s plenty of things to do. It’s a must-do and must-see in Laos :D

      Thanks for your kind words :)

    2. I also had no idea how beautiful this place was. I am planning to go to Laos next month after I am back in Thailand. Will be going for tubing as well :):) Can’t wait!

  9. They closed the bars down the river? Thank God they did that. While I was in Vang Vieng I did not want to do the stupid tubbing thing. Unfortunately I was an a tight program and instead of going to see the cave areas I decided to go to Plain of Jars..

    1. I totally agree with you Sorin, they made a great decision to ban all the bars. The number of people who died there was way too high, although that was only part of the problem. The other thing was, that they were disrespectful to everything around them and left people living there with dislike to foreigners.

      I have not gone to the Plain of Jars, how was it and would you recommend it? Maybe I’ll go next time.

      1. Plain if Jars; depends want kind of traveler your are. If you have been to Stonehennge you could like the place; I really felt the place; its quite difficult to explain it in words.
        And the small museum of MAG – NGO with that movie which explains about the clusters booms that affected the area is a life changer..

      2. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I have heard good things about both of them, and although I have not been there this time, it’s more than likely I will visit next month. I’m especially interested in the movie about cluster bombs, many people told me it’s a life changer.

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