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Budapest on a bike
Agness Walewinder

Exploring Budapest On a Bike

How to explore Budapest on a bike and make sure that you see everything this fascinating city has to offer with only two wheels.

Agness kayaking in Banyoles
Agness Walewinder

Kayaking & Cycling in Banyoles #InCostaBrava

This is what you can expect from a relaxing day of kayaking and mountain biking in and around the beautiful, historic town of Banyoles in Catalonia, northern Spain.

Cycling in Berlin
Agness Walewinder

Berlin by Bike

The first stop on our Great European Road Trip. We decided it would be best to leave the taxis alone and explore Berlin by bike.

Agness Walewinder

China Travel: Songshan Lake in Dongguan

Songshan Lake is an extremely popular hangout for locals and visitors alike, especially during the summer heat. It’s a perfect tourist spot for cycling fun as it has quite a number of picturesque spots for rest.

Agness Walewinder

Useful Mountain Biking Tips for Beginners

If you are looking for a great outdoor activity, one of the things that you can try is mountain biking. This may sound like a daunting task, but nothing really beats the thrill of bouncing on rugged terrain and conquering steep slopes.

Agness Walewinder

3 of Coolest Cycling Destinations in France

Where to head in terms of getting the best of any anticipated cycling trip in France? Check out these 3 cool cycling destinations. Surely one of them will inspire in you a sense of wonder you can carry with you on the top of your trusty throne-like saddle.

Cez Krol

The Day That Ruined My Travel Plans For 6 Months

On Thursday the 4th of July, I was looking forward 11:20am when I would finish work at the kindergarten for the day and could resume preparations for my Japan cycling trip. Unfortunately, I did not come back home this day – I have not been home since – I had an accident during one of my morning classes.

Vang Vieng in Pictures

Postcards from Vang Vieng, Laos where I spent 9 days meeting amazing people, doing things I haven’t done before, experiencing unforgettable moments and seeing stunning scenery.

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