Thailand: The Land of Smiles

Thailand is often called the “Land of Smiles,” not only because visitors love its natural beauty and historical riches, but also because of the country’s friendly people and fascinating culture. We played with tigers at Tiger Temple, visited the Floating Village and local temples, ate a lot of Thai food we fell in love with and met some amazing and extremely hospitable people. Check out our gallery to see how beautiful and friendly this country can be, even if you just come for a dental holiday in Thailand.

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  • Thailand is certainly the land of smiles. When I was putting together a smiling faces project I had more photos that qualified from Thailand than just about anywhere else. A close second would be Bangladesh. Loved the shot of the Monk with the tiger.

    • Yes, you are right. We could see people smiling to us all the time and we loved the hospitality. Bangladesh might be our next destination. Happy travels Sam! Greetings from Sri Lanka- The Land of Spicy Food and Elephants :).

    • That is great to hear Samuel! Seems like Thailand is a very happy place the more I hear about it. I have also never been to Bangladesh but if it is a close second, I will definitely be adding it to the list. Thanks for a great suggestion!

    • I will be posting a separate note on Tiger Temple so you can read about it properly. In very simple words, it’s a place located in the Saiyok district of Thailand’s Kanchanaburi province, not far from the border with Myanmar, where the tigers are kept and drugged so tourists can take some photos with them. The animals are treated very good as I could see and there are some monks taking care of them as well.

  • I am thinking of going to Thailand next February to stay for a few months! Is Bangkok the cheapest city to fly into from the States? I´d like to travel around the country, what were your favorite spots?

    • The flights from Asian countries to Bangkok are very cheap. I am not sure about the States, but once you get in here, the food and accommodation is very cheap. You can get a single room for $3-5 and grab some nice local food for $1-3 per meal. My favourite place was the Floating Village and the Tiger Temple. There were many locals selling a lot of stuff there, I had the best food ever (Chinese dumplings) and we went for a boat riding across the river. It was such a great fun. In the Tiger Temple we took some photos of tigers and played with them. Additionally, you can visit some Buddhist Temples around, go to some local villages around and ride an elephant. Hope you will have a great time and e-mail me if you need some help:).

  • Amazing photographs guys. Thanks You Agness for tweeting out my latest post and linking up on Twitter & Facebook. I will be following yuor blog keenly! :-) Guess what, I am coming to South East Asia in late November/December and touring the region! Where are you guys based?

    • It’s my pleasure. I loved your website and we are more than happy to follow your adventures. We are living in Siem Reap, Cambodia now, but we are planning to move out in a month and travel maybe in India. We will keep you posted on our plans and we wish we could host you when you come to Siem Reap. Happy travels :)

  • What a wonderful collection of beautiful photos! We haven’t been to Thailan yet but your pictures certainly moves them up our travel list. I’ve always loved those Tiger pictures – a bit unnerving but I’m sure an awesome experience. Your food pictures make me want to have Thai food today :)

    • Hi Mary. Thanks for your comment. You must visit Thailand, it’s not only the Land of Smiles but also the Land of Food and Animals. I totally loved it and I’m pleasured people can see it when looking the the photos. Thai food is lovely. I’ll be posting a separate note on Thai food soon :). Happy travels!

  • Great photos. Personally, I’m not a fan of the tiger temple, but I love photographing markets and it looks like you got some great market shots. Did you get a chance to go to the Erawan waterfall when you were in Kanchanaburi? It was one of the more beautiful waterfalls I’ve seen and I spent pretty much all day floating around in the various pools.

    • Thanks Daniel. Unfortunately we have not been to the Erawan Waterfall as we had no time, but you are not the first person saying it’s a worth-seeing place. We will go there next time, that’s for sure. I just googled it and it looks stunning! :-)

    • Thanks DebbZie. We would love to but we can’t make it this year unfortunately. Maybe next year, but thanks for the invitation. We would love to meet up and have some lovely meal together :)x

  • Glad you guys are grooving so much on Thailand. It was my first step into SE Asia and I’ve loved it since my first visit. And amazing photos. Love the buffalo shot. Awesome!

    • Thanks Mike,

      We can’t wait to visit Japan and other countries you have been to. I find your blog useful with the travel tips. Keep it up.

      Good luck,

  • I can’t believe these tiger photos. I felt quite emotional when I saw the first one. How amazing! I don’t usually like to see animals in captivity but these tigers do look very relaxed and happy. What a wonderful trip. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts and seeing more of your beautiful photographs.

    • Thank you Kathryn for stopping by. The tigers were very cute and happy indeed. The whole trip was wonderful and thanks for kind words. I will be keeping you posted. Happy travels!

  • Man, after reading so much about the wonders of Thailand, I just have to put Thailand on my list of countries to visit! Great post!

  • Those are some great shots you had there! I absolutely love the Tiger photos! I am still debating on what to do on my first trip to Thailand. I am on a budget so I must limit my activities but I am stuck between spending a few days like this with the Tigers and awesome wildlife available or going south to get my PADI Open Water Certification. Which would you recommend for my first trip? (will be back again eventually I am sure).

  • Hej,
    I did not like Thailand at all. The locals seemed very two faced, a charade of smiles and laughter until they realised you weren’t going to get any money then their mood changed pretty quickly. Those chained up tigers look like they’ve seem one too many tourist.

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