Ways to Enjoy Your Stay in Tenerife This Summer

Tenerife Islands are one of Spain’s tropical paradises with one of the most populous islands. The Canary Islands are the most visited by tourists. Within the area, most of the beaches consist of spectacular soft and clean sand and some are made up of black and gold-colored sand. They have the first-class leisure facilities and activities all over the islands.

If you are in the mood for some water sports, you can choose from a large number of water activities available at the resorts, including jet skiing, windsurfing, and scuba diving. A dolphin or whale-watching cruise or visit to a pirate ship will make your vacation indulgent break. You will cherish the memories of your stay in Tenerife holiday villa many years after your visit.

Stay in Tenerife

Tenerife island has been full of rich contrast, from the north and the southern part Canaries Island. It’s perfect for your next holiday destination together with the whole families and friends. Something to look forward to during the travel escapade.

Regardless of where you’re going to stay, though, you’ll need to get there after landing and should use Tenerife airport transfers.

Ways to enjoy Tenerife

#1 Head to the South Coast

The most important thing you need to remember about the south coast island is that it is the party capital of Tenerife. It is a lively place filled with resorts, surrounded by scores of clubs and bars, where thousands of travelers come all year round for 24­hour clubbing experience. Probably this place is one of the most popular tourist destinations in EuropeSouth Coast is a perfect destination if parties are your cup of tea.


#2 Hide at Playa Grande & watch wedding ceremonies

If you are looking for peace and tranquility, you can head to Playa Grande. One of the reasons that make this place such a wonderful site is the fact that you can watch wedding ceremonies there nearly every day. It’s a perfect place for getting married on the sun-kissed beach and the perfect climate for an outdoor wedding.

Beach wedding

#3 Spoil yourself with local food

If you are a real foodie, visiting Tenerife will be a real culinary journey for your taste buds. Its local cuisine is a great combination of Spanish cuisine with some influence from Latin American countries. So if you love Mexican food, and we all know it’s more than just tacos, get ready for fresh vegetables, a lot of cooked potatoes, seafood salads, fish stew or sweet honey rum that locals enjoy after their meal. Tenerife will also welcome you with fresh fruits – from bananas to juicy mangoes and if you feel like having a non-alcoholic drink, order a cold smoothie!


There’s much more to this destination, but we won’t spoil all the fun discovering your own thing. Therefore, do visit Tenerife for what could be one of your lifetime’s most invigorating tourist experiences.

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Have you ever visited Tenerife? If so, what was your favourite way to enjoy it?


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