Next Travel Destination: Thailand and Sri Lanka


Another spontaneous decision, another Asia trip! This time we are heading to Thailand for a few days to taste some Thai food and pop into some beautiful Buddha temples. Then we fly to Sri Lanka for a week to burn our mouths with extremely spicy food! That should be fun! We are leaving  today so we can’t wait. Hand luggage, digital camera and a small laptop already packed so OFF we go!

Get insured

"It will never happen to me" said every person before it happened to them. Accidents happen at home and abroad. The difference is that they are usually more costly when you're in a foreign country. That's why travelling without insurance is a bad idea. There's just no excuse to put yourself in such a risk.

>>voice from the crowd<< Travel insurance is too expensive!

>>voice of the common sense<< If you can't afford travel insurance then you can't afford to travel.

Don't take chances and get yourself insured now. Check out our budget travel insurance page.

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