China Travel: Songshan Lake in Dongguan

A pleasant relief from the bustle of China…

Songshan Lake is one of the most beautiful spots in Dongguan, China, where I was living and working as an English teacher. This is definitely one of my favourite places where I often headed to when I needed to clear my mind, get some rest, jog and workout. Do you still remember Finding my passion for yoga in China post? The photos were taken there so you may be already familiar with the landscape.


Songshan Lake is an extremely popular hangout for locals and visitors alike, especially during the summer heat. It’s a perfect tourist spot for cycling fun as it has quite a number of picturesque spots for rest.

Family are bike fanatics are spotted here every day.

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The Songshan Lake is surrounded by lush green hills that are loaded with wildlife, while activities abound. The Science and Industrial Park is ideal for inquisitive kids with its many fun hands-on exhibits.

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The road is only for not motorized users and is almost flat all the way long.

You should be mindful to expect a large crowd after 10am. All locals and tourists go there during weekends, late afternoons, long major holidays in China so you will be swarmed with tourists both local and out of province.

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There are a lot of scenic spots good for pictures and even a beach along the trek here.


The surrounding of the late is relatively clean, but not the lake water. There are some facilities built around the lake, but they are poorly managed and maintained.

Although there are plenty of bicycles here, this place is still peaceful and spacious. It’s also good for dating, picnic and jogging.


The view is fantastic and the food just at the entrance of the Park is numerous and delicious.

Travel tips

How to get there

The lake can be easily reached from Guangzhou and Shenzhen if you are around. You have to take a train or  a bus going to Da Lang, Dongguan (RMB 60) and take any local yellow bus going to Songshan Lake (RMB 2). The whole journey should last no longer than 4 hours in total. It takes around 3 hours to cycle around the lake.

Bike rental

Different bikes are available at the entrance – from mountain bikes to tandems. It usually costs RMB 50 a day.


How do you like this place? Would you like to cycle around the lake?

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