Peace, Love and Music – the Woodstock Festival 2014 in Poland

2014 is a special year because it’s the 20th take on the Woodstock Festival, one of the biggest music festivals in Poland, or even Europe. It’s a spectacular event that brings together people of all ages and nationalities. They come and spend amazing 3 days listening to music, dancing, drinking, having fun and socializing. This year, over 750,000 people came to enjoy mostly rock concerts. Here’s why Woodstock Festival is unique:


It’s totally free!

There’s not many events at this scale with no entry fee – it’s 100% free to come and put up your tent. You can bring everything you need with you, or get it there. Most of the things are free at Woodstock. The only things that you may have to pay for are food and drinks, although I’m sure that if you ask, other people will happily share with you.

Woodstock tents

Money raised at the event go to children in need

There’s a number of sponsors who help and support the festival financially. Whatever is left after all the necessities are paid goes to children in need, through The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. This charity foundation helps millions of hospitals every year by equipping them with various life-saving medical instruments.

Woodstock kids playing

Everyone’s welcome

Regardless of your age, nationality, ethnicity, music you listen to – you’re always welcome. The friendly atmosphere throughout the area will quickly convert you into a happy and open person. You’ll “high five” with strangers more often than you’d expect!

Don’t feel shy to come on your own. Strangers will start talking to you in no time and you’ll be with a group of your new friends sooner than you’d think – planning your next year’s Woodstock meet-up.

Woodstock girls

Great music

Let’s not forget about music! Woodstock festival has quite varied spectrum of music genres that play there: metal, punk, folk, experimental, reggae and sometimes even electronic and classic music. It’s all there to bring together people of all generations and different tastes, to dance and have fun together.

Woodstock crowd

My experience

Although I got sick on the way, I still had a great fun. Drinking is certainly a big part of the festival, on which I missed out this time, but staying sober there is still loads of things to do and amazing people to talk to. I’ve met some friends whom I haven’t seen for years, which was a surprise.

Woodstock friends

Straight after the end of my stay, I drove back to Agness’s home in Zagan. On the way, I found a hitchhiker named Krzysztof. He came to enjoy Woodstock and was now going back home. But that was only for few weeks before he headed to Croatia – hitchhiking all the way. From what he said, he is also a tramp like us and travels around for very little – while having astonishing experiences. I hope we’ll meet again on the road!

Krzysztof of autostopowi wloczykije

Would you like to go to Woodstock Festival in 2015? Tell us in comments


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36 thoughts on “Peace, Love and Music – the Woodstock Festival 2014 in Poland”

  1. I’d vaguely heard of this festival before, but had no idea that it was so big and that it is completely free! That’s amazing! If I’m still in Europe next summer I will definitely be getting myself there!

  2. Anna @ shenANNAgans

    I am surprised the event is free, thats pretty well unheard of. But a nice change and def worth a visit. Just sent a cheeky text off to a mate asking if they wanted to do Woodstock in Poland next year…. HECK YES is what came back. So looks like its on the calendar for 2015. Boom! :)

  3. The best part of this festival is that the money raised goes to needy children! It’s like mixing fun and kindness. I’d love to attend this festival if I get a chance to visit Poland.

  4. Oh My Gosh! How did I not know that Woodstock was free?!?!? If I move back to Europe that’ll definitely be on the list. cheers!

  5. I cannot believe that a festival like this one is for free, that’s simply amazing because it makes music and the experience itself accessible to everybody. I always had to pay for the music festivals I’ve been to whilst I was still living in the UK and they weren’t cheap either.

  6. Jazza - NOMADasaurus

    That looks like an epic festival! We spent a huge part of our lives going around to music festivals in Australia, Canada and the US, but have never made it to one in Europe. Will add it to the list!

  7. Constance - Foreign Sanctuary

    It sounds like loads of fun!! And it is free – now you can’t get much better than that! Plus, it is for a good cause – even better!!

  8. Tim | UrbanDuniya

    Woodstock is now in Poland?!?! I had heard of Woodstock before (from my parents!), but only the American version back in the 60’s! Cool!

  9. I’ve never heard of Woodstock Festival before.But looking at your photos, sounds like it’s as fun as Oktuberfest, and even more.

  10. Katie Featherstone

    Wow, it’s really amazing that this festival is free! I would have loved to go to the original, but it sounds like this Woodstock has maintained some of the vibe. Sounds like a massive party- I will have to come one year!

  11. That looks like an amazing festival, lots of fun and wow for free. Since I cannot go anymore to the original, I would love to go to this one in 2015 ;-)

  12. Jess @UsedYorkCity

    Wow, I LOVE that this is free! We have tons of similar music festivals here in the states, but the ticket prices are definitely not cheap…in fact, most are pretty pricey. Also kudos that it supports people in need!

  13. Hi! I’m from Poland and I’ve been on Woodstock two times already. Officialy it’s 3 days, but people like to come even week before the opening, there are small concerts day before as well. Most of stores and restaurants in Kostrzyn have special sales for partipicans :) For these who are curious – check YouTube for videos. You’re welcome to visit :D (sorry for my English)

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