Best Hiking Tips for Climbing Mount Wutong, Shenzhen

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The beautiful city of Shenzhen has been long underrated as a travel destination. However, this industrial city is also home to some wonderful Chinese foods, a good variety of beers, an up-and-coming art scene, interesting history, and more! 

Letters on the stone, Wutong Mountains.
Letters on the stone, Wutong Mountains.

If you’re looking to get away from the city scene, Shenzhen has some great hiking options just outside the centre. Rising over 900 meters above Shenzhen, Mount Wutong is an absolutely beautiful place to get away from the bustle of the city while enjoying a challenging hike through nature. Here are our top tips to get the most out of your Mount Wutong adventure!

How to Get There

Mount Wutong is accessible by bus from the corner of Dongmen Road and Shennan Avenue. Take the bus number 211 to its final destination: the base of Mount Wutong. This will cost around 2 yuan. Another option would be to rent a van to take you directly there, but this option will be slightly more expensive, perhaps around 10 yuan. However, I believe the extra money is worth it. Once you get to Mount Wutong, entrance is free for the hike itself.

The Trails

There are a variety of different routes that you can take to reach either of the two peaks of Mount Wutong. The first peak, known as Lesser Wutong is the smaller of the two, while the real goal is the get to Great Wutong. This is where you will find the most beautiful 360o views across Shenzhen and Hong Kong in the distance.

Finding the right way to climb the Wutong Mountains.
Finding the right way to climb the Wutong Mountains.

You can choose a combination of hikes that adjust to your personal stamina and wishes. It is possible to hike both peaks in one day if you’re very fit. If you are going to choose one, I recommend just hiking to Great Wutong. Paths are well marked.

The beautiful view on the way. Wutong, Shenzhen.
The beautiful view on the way.

There are two options for where to start the hike: you can start from where you arrive at the base of the mountain, or you can drive about halfway up on the road and start from there to hike Great Wutong. However, currently that road is under construction, so the only option as of November 2016 is to hike from the base.

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The most common (and safest) route will have you traveling upwards by means of stone stairs. Climbing literally thousands of them to reach the top. Although the trail seems endless at times, the view at the top is absolutely worth it. From the top, you will see lush, green mountains, and the rush of the city seems like a distant memory.

To refresh you as you walk, the trail connects repeatedly with the waters of the Shenzhen river, which starts here in this mountain. You will traverse small pools, and see many lovely waterfalls.

Wutong Mountains, Shenzhen.
View from the top.

To come back down, you have the option to climb down the Yantian side of the mountain; however transport back to Shenzhen at the base is a bit more difficult. I recommend traveling back the way you came, or following the main road down. The total distance covered on the hike is about 17 kilometers, depending on the route you take.

When to Climb

The trail is great for the hot and humid summers of this area because you are completely enclosed in the dense brush of the rainforest right until you reach the peak. I think late spring and early fall are probably the best times to go to avoid the crowds.

Climbing Wutong Mountains
Wearing hiking boots, cap and comfy pants to climb Wutong Mountains.

Top Climbing Tips for Mount Wutong

Climbing Wutong Mountains is relatively easy and it takes around 2-3 hours one way.

on top of Wutong Mountains, Shenzhen
We made it to the top!

Here are some tips and things to know before you start hiking so you can make it easier and more enjoyable:

  • Cell phone coverage is available through the whole hike
  • Do some preparation for lots of stairs
  • Make sure your shoes have good traction
  • Better take long pants with you
  • You can buy food and water near the top of the trail, but only during the summer months
  • There are no bathrooms along this trail
  • The higher you go, the fewer people you’ll see
  • Always check the weather before you to ensure good viewing conditions at the top
  • Weekends and Chinese festivals will be the most crowded times on this popular hiking trail
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Mount Wutong is a great place to get back in touch with nature after the hype of the city.

When would you like to visit this beautiful gem of Shenzhen?


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