Amsterdam Autumn on the Canals

Since I left Amsterdam and started traveling full-time, I’ve been missing this city a lot. What I miss the most is cycling a bike daily and admiring Amsterdam autumn on the canals. Therefore, I asked a friend of mine, Jerry – a creator of Amsterdam Calling on YouTube, to share with me his recent video and images of stunning Amsterdam during the autumn season. When visiting Amsterdam Calling, you will be shown another side of the city that you don’t see on a typical tourist visit. Through their videos, they present Amsterdam from the perspective of locals and experts in food, shopping and hidden secrets. I even participate in one of the series on exploring A’DAM Tower Lookout- 360 Degree Amsterdam Views. I and Jessica of A Wanderlust for Life had a lot of fun working together!

YouTube video

But let’s get back to Amsterdam autumn on the canals now. Jerry, the stage is yours!

Amsterdam Canals

One of our favourite things to do in Amsterdam is cruising the canals in a small, private boat. In fact this pastime is a favorite with locals and becomes more and more popular. Especially on warmer Spring & Summer days you can find boats of all sizes cruising along the main arteries and smaller waterways. You can get an easy taste by taking a canal boat tour on a larger boat. In this way will learn some facts about the city. But you travel mostly indoors and you don’t get the full experience of the sounds and smells of the water. It’s so much more fun cruising around with a small group, having a picnic with wine, bread and cheese. There is always a good feeling with  people listening to music, dancing and non-stop people-watching.

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But what people forget is that Autumn is also a great time of year to be sailing around. Although a bit cooler, the canal ring is quite magical with changing color of the trees that line the water. The red, orange and yellow colors against a clear blue sky is stunning and from a boat they constantly move past you.

Watch the yellow leaves fall over you into the water and create a blanket that you sail through. Catch the seagulls skimming the canals and flying against the white, puffy clouds. The low angle of the sun creates a beautiful contrast of light and dark as the boats move under the trees and under the bridges.

YouTube video

Cruising the canals is a must do in Amsterdam and experiencing them in a smaller boat in small groups is a worthwhile treat. See the video below to fully experience the beauty of Amsterdam during this special season of the year.

Would you like to experience autumn in Amsterdam?


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