Charging Batteries At Home

Do you still remember one of my reflective posts Travellers vs. non-travelers- will we ever understand each other? where I complained about not being understood by members of my family, friends and people who never left their comfort zone to travel the world independently?

Back in 2012, I was feeling so upset and disappointed with the people I was surrounded by in Europe (mostly non-travelers) who often tried to bring me down and discourage me to travel.

As it turned out, most of them read this post and felt so bad about the way I was feeling. This time, when I visited Poland, I was blown away by their changed attitude towards my vagabond lifestyle.

Me, my family and my friends have finally spoken the same language, listed to each other’s stories, laughed together with no lame comments on my nomadic life and nonsense questions about what I am going to do one day if I stop traveling, when I am going to finally go home and why I am not married yet.

A girl smiling with her friends and family
From the top left: Me and my cousin, my aunt, home-town friends and my lovely granny (pictures taken in Dzietrzychowice and my home-town Zagan)

During this summer many things have changed. I swapped my lousy tramp style into a girly one (just for a month, no worries!). I was wearing dresses, neat t-shirts, smart shits, I did my nails, put some make-up on and styled my hair. I was feeling young (some people said I looked 18!!) , pretty and not like myself :).

You have no idea how desperately I needed this break.  My last visit at home in November 2012 was very disappointing, but after nearly 8 months of constant travels and living in China, I was missing my loved ones so badly I decided to give it another go this summer. As it turned out, I was warmly welcomed by everyone and finally felt like I couldn’t be much happier.

This time, my summer holiday back home was all about my family and friends. I was not very active on social media channels (except my personal Facebook), stopped blogging for a couple of weeks and rarely checked my e-mails. Instead of that, I was playing with my dog, cooking and baking with my mom, telling my granny some awesome travel stories and going out with my peeps.

A girl is playing with her dog
Playing with my dog

During this time I got so close to my mom. Although we always stayed in touch when I was away traveling the world, we still lacked this special mother-daughter relationship that makes you feel so secure.

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I matured fast and became emotionally/ financially independent so quickly (at the age of 18) that sometimes she forgot I also had my own issues, struggled from time to time and needed to talk. This time was so different. We had plenty of time to talk, laugh, share our thoughts and feelings, do stuff daughters and mothers do daily together such as cleaning, ironing, cooking, baking, washing the dishes.

There were days we could spend hours sitting on the balcony and talking about my travels, how they have changed my personality and the way of thinking, how I love to explore the world and how happy I feel when I wander the unknown streets with a camera in my hands.

A daughter and mother are eating ice cream and drinking fruit shakes
Fruit shake and ice cream time!

I cherished every second of it. I improved my baking and cooking skills, passed on some healthy eating habits to my mom and family and couldn’t stop laughing. I felt loved and understood, secure and blissfully happy.

I also spent some time at the countryside where my aunt and granny live. Dzietrzychowice is small village where I partly grew up. It is a very picturesque place where you can breath some fresh air, have a nice and fresh bread with butter in the morning, drink some cow’s milk before you go to sleep and relax in the garden.

A girl is in the garden
Getting close to nature in my granny’s garden

Being back home also meant catching up with my top 10 favourite Polish food. My mom made sure I was fed properly with dishes I missed so much when living in China. My mom made us a nice breakfast every morning (Polish bread, milky butter, croissants, skinny latter, fruits, cottage cheese, homemade marmalade and jam, boiled or scrambled eggs), lunch and dinner (Polish pierogi filled with blueberries and raspberries, chicken soup, hunter’s stew, herring in oil) and dessert (Polish croissant cookies, cheesecakes and apple pie).

Breakfast table with croissants, milk, ham, cookies, fruits
No Asian food can compare to my mom’s breakfast

I simply loved it and I had a huge appetite that I was eating all day long which resulted in 3 kg weight gain :) (it’s already gone after 6 days in China eating rice and veggies).

A girl eating Polish food and cakes
Indulging myself in Polish dishes

Now, when I am back in China, I can’t stop missing everyone. This is incredible how few weeks at home can make you feel. I have definitely charged my batteries for the next 6 months, have much more confidence now and I am back with more love and devotion. Thanks to my friends and family’s support, I am more open to new adventures and ready to explore undiscovered parts of Asia!

How do you feel when you get back home after a long-term travel?

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45 thoughts on “Charging Batteries At Home”

  1. Avatar of Audrey - That Backpacker

    Sounds like you and I had similar summers. :) I also travelled back home (to Canada) this summer to spend some time catching up with family. I hadn’t been back in a year and a half, so it was nice to just spend quality time together and put blogging on the back-burner for a while. I hardly took any photos or did anything touristy while I was there. Just lots of eating and lots of catching up.

    1. Avatar of Agness Walewinder

      I’ve seen your photos back home in Canada and I noticed how much fun you had with your family. I was absolutely the same – no pictures, no Internet, no sightseeing :) just chill out with my family and friends. That was so nice!

  2. Avatar of Franca

    Nice to hear that you enjoyed spending time back home, it’s always nice to catch up with family and friends. I had a similar summer to yours and I gained some wight too considering my mum’s cooking is way different from what I generally eat while traveling, I guess I need to go back on the road soon to get back to shape :)

    1. Avatar of Agness Walewinder

      So true Franca. My mom did everything to make me put on weight but I’m back on the road and I’ve already got rid of extra kgs :) so ufffffff I’m glad! :)

  3. Avatar of Heather

    You look so happy and refreshed! And the warm reception from your friends and families must have been so wonderful. We just moved back home to the States and already I feel more relaxed and peaceful. There is definitely something to be said for spending time with loved ones. Nice to have you back! :-)

  4. Avatar of Constance

    It is always great to return home and see family and friends! And even though your lives have gone in different directions, it is great to catch up! I absolutely love returning home and experiencing everything familiar…the food, the lifestyle, the people, the language, etc!!

    It is great you had an awesome time home, especially with your mom!!

    1. Avatar of Agness Walewinder

      I’m also glad you feel the same way. Hope you will have a great time with your peeps when you go home next time :):)

  5. Avatar of ardun

    Great post Agness! I love that have included so many great photos of your friends and family. I always feel happy returning to good company but before long I want to be back on the road again. Heading home for the summer sounded like the perfect balance :)

    1. Avatar of Agness Walewinder

      These were Instagram photos. Still can’t get used to them :), but love the colours! True, nothing feels better than returning to good company after a long-term travels! :)

  6. Avatar of Daniel McBane

    Welcome back! I was wondering why I hadn’t seen any new posts from you in a while. I’m glad to hear this visit home went much better than the previous one. I remember reading the post you wrote back then and I guess it helped your friends and family see things from your perspective. Maybe I’ll send the link to some of my family…

    I look forward to reading more posts from China. I’m really starting to miss Asia, so I’ll just have to live vicariously through you for now.

    1. Avatar of Agness Walewinder

      Hey Daniel. Thanks for that. I’m glad to be back and I missed you a lot. This article helped me out a lot and finally my loved ones understood me :-)…

  7. Avatar of Erika

    Agness — you are looking so cute! I love the girly style you’re sporting!

    Anyway, I am SO GLAD that this visit went so much better and that it was restorative for you! I’m so glad that you got to really enjoy time with your family, friends, and good food! And sometimes unplugging is just what you need to feel ready for the next stage in your life! I loved reading this! :)

    1. Avatar of Agness Walewinder

      Thank you Erika. My girly style was something new and odd, but I started getting used to it. Thank you so much. I really did enjoy the time with my family. I’m gonna visit your blog soon to catch up xxx We need some girly talk as well xx

  8. Avatar of Jennifer

    Lovely article and photos Agness, you look really pretty in these photos (not that you don’t normally!) I like returning home after a long time travelling and wearing different nicer clothes, makeup and painting my nails! I’ve been back at home now for about 4 months and I’m feeling the need to travel again.

    1. Avatar of Agness Walewinder

      Thank you so much Jennifer. Hahahahahhahahaha, thanks for the compliment, that’s so nice of you :). I usually have the same feeling, but this time I didn’t want to get back to China. I checked in at the airport 5 minutes before my flight was about to take off with tears in my eyes!! :((((((

  9. Avatar of noelfy

    Hello Agness!!
    I didn’t feel you were away from the digital world as well as I discovered a new world and I had no internet or electricity (I think is probably the most that I ever posted in my life and I have many posts on draft but still nothing could withdrawn me from my magic world)
    I am also back home and even if here nothing changed, unless they are not bothering me anymore with finding a proper job and worry about my retirements… They starting to assume that my life is going to be different from the rest and fortunately, this is the life I had chosen!

  10. Avatar of Maria

    Home is where the heart is but it’s wonderful to take time out and go where your people (and dog) are. Good to see you’re getting your balance.

    1. Avatar of Agness Walewinder

      Thanks Beth. Yes, I had a great day at home, but I’m back in China now. Hope you are gonna have a time of your life at home!! x

  11. Avatar of Chris & Angela

    Nice post. Makes us feel all warm and fuzzy reminiscing about the comforts we left back at home. We don’t miss our jobs, daily routines, etc., but we do miss our mommies! haha! Glad you got to visit your friends and family, and we’re glad that everyone has come around to your vagabond lifestyle. Thanks for the read :)

  12. Avatar of Leigh

    What a lovely post Agness. Looks like you had such a great time which makes the being in China so much better – though not necessarily easier. I would love to visit Poland but would be mindful of all that good food.

  13. Avatar of kle

    Ahhh home sweet home! :)It must be pretty comforting to be back after a long trip… and im glad to see you had such an amazing time there! I will discover the impact of going home in about 2 weeks after 8 months on the road.

    I already lived abroad for many years but this time, being on such a trip it will be totally different. All i know for sure is that i will eat my delicious Italian food until i’m going to explode. I need to gain some kilos, lost on the way in between spicy food and weird fried insects :))

    1. Avatar of Agness Walewinder

      Sweetie, you also have fun at home and say hi to everyone!! Hahahah you’re gonna miss Asian food and these little fried insects on your table!! Have fun and get your batteries charged so you can travel for another 10 years in a row :)

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