Booking Your Winter Getaway: The Perils And Pitfalls

Winter is coming. And not like in Game of Thrones, where everyone waits ages for a winter that takes four seasons and hours of maudlin dialogue to show up. Winter is really only a few months away – and when it comes around, you’ll want to escape your home city.

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Just imagine those long freezing days with the rain and the sleet and the soggy wet feet. If you’re stuck in dear old Blighty, your winter is less likely to be a wonderland and more likely to be a disaster-zone.

So it’s time to book a holiday in advance and escape from your nine to five grind for a while. But to avoid further frustration, what preparations should you make before you head off?

The pains of the airport car park

No one enjoys trying to find a space in an airport car park. It’s like trying to negotiate the mazes of Daedalus, but without the thrill of a minotaur chasing you. You’re more likely to suffer a stress migraine than a Greek tragedy in an airport car park, and that’s hardly going to be a great start to your holiday.

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And the solution? Most airports will allow you to reserve parking before you travel, either through themselves or through a third-party. Airport parking in Edinburgh, for instance, allows plenty of parking options near the airport, as well as some services which will hold your car and shuttle you directly to your terminal.

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Forecasting a great break

Picture the scene – you’ve seen pictures of Italy bathed in sun, the Colosseum and the Tivoli Fountain glistening within a baking hot climate. But you get there and find that the winter is pretty much the same as here – cold, wet and miserable.

You need somewhere that will almost refuse to believe that winter exists, where Christmastime means putting the air-con up a little higher.

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Amsterdam in winter by Anna-Maria Giannattasio

Do your research before you book your flights – you don’t want your winter getaway to plunge you straight back into the snow.

Time to kill

No matter how organised you are, your tight-as-clockwork schedule can’t account for a delayed flight. You won’t get to your destination any quicker, but you can at least make your lost hours more enjoyable.

Before you head on your hols, bring plenty of goodies to while away the time. And if you’re stuck in a departure lounge, be sure you sit near a plug socket. No one wants to see their laptop lose juice when they’ve got three hours to wait on a flight. Right?


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