Photo Gallery: Ko Samui

 – The place where you can feel the sand between your toes and you can’t stop smiling –

Ko Samui is one of the Thai islands where the luxury meets budget, where you can taste the best Thai food and attend some of the coolest beach parties. If you get tired of these, the island offers spas and massages that will get you back on the feet immediately and make you feel absolutely relaxed.

One of Ko Samui’s beaches.
Beautiful sunset.
Little island off Ko Samui.
Bananas that can be found anywhere on the island.
Smiley elephants.

Moreover, Ko Samui seems like a perfect romantic holiday and honeymoon destination. The sunset beaches and tropical flowers that can be found everywhere make each day so special and unique. The island greets its visitors with delicious Thai food and cocktails that you can’t find anywhere else. You can take a sunset cruise for two and hire a professional photographer to shoot a series of lasting holiday mementos that you will both never forget!

Fire show at the beach.
Colorful cocktails! Who wants one?
Thai food – fried Pad Thai served with veggies and sprinkled with peanuts.
Time for coconuts!
Coconut ice cream anyone?

Ko Samui is also a perfect place for budget travelers and adventure hunters too. If you love sightseeing then you have to make it there. Stunning waterfalls, the Giant Buddha and local markets – anyone can find something for themselves depending on what you prefer. If you prefer to relax and take it slow, treat yourselves with a traditional Thai massage, fruit smoothie and a long walk across the beach at night.

Local temple in Ko Samui.
Koh Samui offers a lot for sightseeing lovers.
Hidden bench at one of the temples.
Fresh fruits!
Stunning Waterfalls.
Another sightseeing gem in Ko Samui.

Whatever you decide to do on Samui, do enjoy yourselves to the fullest because there is no better place for two people who are in love to cherish amazing moments!

Have you ever visited Ko Samui? If so, how did you like your stay?


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