Budget Travel Tips For Cebu, The Philippines

When in Cebu, we got really surprised by cheap prices of food, accommodation as services such as hairdresser. For a man’s haircut Cez was quoted PHP40 ($0.90).

Local hair salon in Cebu
Local hair salon in Cebu

Cebu Prices Overview

Moreover, local transport was much cheaper than in Manila. Jeepney ride started from PHP6, not PHP8 like in Manila. A brief overview of our expenses:

Water (1,5 l)  – PHP80 ($1.79)

Mango – PHP60 ($1.34)

Baked potato with tuna – PHP60 ($1.64)

A bowl of rice – PHP10 ($0.22)

Fish fingers – PHP30 ($0.67)

Beer – PHP35 ($0.78)

Postcard – PHP35 ($$0.78)

Airport fees (when leaving the Philippines) – PHP550 ($12.30)

Cebu – Tagbilaran Expenses

We paid PHP800 ($18) to get from Cebu ferry station to Tagbilaran. That was the price for return ticket. The ferries leave every 2 hours: 6.00 am, 8.00 am, 9.20 am, 11.40, 2.00 pm, 4.20 pm and 6.35 pm. The journey lasts nearly 2 hours.

Alona beach for $252
Ferry ride from Cebu to Bohol

When at the ferry station, make sure you have some cash with you. You have to pay terminal fee which is PHP25 ($0.56). That’s obviously not much, so make sure you carry some change.

Information board at Cebu Ferry Station
Information board at Cebu Ferry Station

Sleep Well

FunTand Villa

We were lucky to find this hostel in the middle of night. The owner was hospitable and after some haggling, we agreed to pay PHP600 a night ($14) per room.

FunTand Villa Cebu
Budget hostel option in Cebu

The hostel was located 20 minute walk  from the city center. It was surrounded by 7 Eleven store, gas station and local bakeries. The room was not the biggest one, but we had one of the fastest Internet connection during our stay in the Philippines.

Girl sitting on the bed
Our room
Cebu for $25
Main entrance to hostel

Drink and Eat

Most of local restaurants and all bakeries are open 24/7 and everyone can easily find something what will live up to their expectations. You see food vendors with fruits and grilled veggies, pickled fish and meat, roasted chicken nearly everywhere. As anywhere else in the Philippines, Cebu is overloaded with bakeries from where you can get freshly baked white bread, morning pastries, buns, cakes and muffins.

Local restaurant in Cebu
Local restaurant in Cebu

Most of them time we did food shopping in a supermarket. Here is an example of our lunch and dinner. We spent less than $1,50 a person for a half of chicken, whole wheat wraps x 4, a bag of fresh veggies (chopped carrots, lettuce, tomatoes), a half of watermelon and coffee and bottled water.

Enjoying cheap and delicious lunch in Cebu
Enjoying cheap and delicious lunch in Cebu

Have you been to Cebu? How expensive/inexpensive have you found this place?


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