Perks Of Being A Travel Blogger

There are more than 164 million blogs in the world…

Agness blogging at Alone Beach, the Philippines

millions of which are travel blogs.

Some statistics show that 3/4 of people who decided to become travel bloggers, quit it in less than 1 year after the blog launch. Lack of time, too much work involved, tiredness – these are only few reasons. However, being a travel blogger has its perks. The longer you blog, the more beneficial it is for your travels, career and finance. Although it takes time and a lot of effort to build an audience, you can see the result of your hard work quicker than you think.

Here are some benefits of being a travel blogger, as along as you are determined and keep up the good work:


Seeing your audience grow month after month is the best feeling, especially if you work hard on your blog and it’s one of your hobbies and passions. After a year of blogging you can be proud of yourself for all milestones and achievements in such field as photography, writing or social media. Being a travel blogger makes you feel useful and fulfilled.

Agness blogging at the airport

Source of income

Yes, you can make money with your travel blog, although it might be very difficult to make a living from blogging. If you blog for a few months or years, you can slowly start to make some profit from it. It will more likely start out as just a few dollars a day but in time it will gradually grew to becoming the equivalent of a part-time job, then a full-time job, and more into a business that employs others!

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Meeting new people

Being a travel blogger gives you a great opportunity to meet fellow travel bloggers and make friends with your readers who might want to meet you in person at some point. We had this pleasure to meet such amazing travel bloggers as the Guy of Flights and frustration, Noelia of Noelimits or Audrey of That Backpacker and Sam of Nomadic Samuel. It’s always great to meet up, share our travel experience, chat a bit and have a nice local food.

Meeting the Guy in Dongguan
Meeting the Guy in Dongguan, China

Getting free stuff

Professional travel blogging allows you to go for free sponsored trips and travel conferences. If your blog is popular, you actually get paid to travel. Moreover, as a successful travel blogger, you will be offered free stays at different hostels, hotels, bars in exchange for honest reviews on your blog. Some travel bloggers get free food tours and cooking classes when traveling across Europe.

Cez working with his laptop

Gaining experience in different fields

Travel blogging develops many skills such as writing, photography, marketing, etc. You will discover new things and learn new stuff which can turn into your full-time job. The Internet is so powerful nowadays so keep yourself open to endless possibilities.

Cez blogging at Alone Beach, the Philippines

Inspiring others

Some travel bloggers are role models for those who always wanted to travel and blog full-time but never managed to leave their comfort zones to do it. Your readers will follow your travel tips, admire your travel photos and see the world through your eyes. You might be an inspiration for some young or older people to finally quit their jobs to travel the world or at least travel more frequently to different places every year.

A group of people in Bali

Collecting memories

In 10 – 20 years, your blog will be a great source of knowledge and great memories you have been collecting during your travels. Every single post and photography will bring back some memories from the road. You can share them with your kids who may follow your footsteps one day…

Agness preparing for a travel adventure taking notes

Have you found travel blogging beneficial for yourself?


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