Beat Your 9-5 Routine

9-5 Routine sounds familiar to you?

You’re handcuffed to your desk, a monkey at a typewriter filing and emailing and typing until you get RSI. It’s the nine-to-five grind, and huge swathes of the population suffer it every day. Well, we did that as well.

Traveling to Lhasa, Tibet

In those dark moments when the sheer greyness of the office hits you like a punch in the face, you can’t help but imagine some clichéd paradise – all palm trees, white sands and cool ocean spray. All you want is to find the key to those handcuffs, head for the airport and fly to the first destination that catches your eye.

Always working even when on the road

But in fact it is much easier that you think. By using Stansted Airport as your base of operations, you can leave your cars with the meet and greet parking in Stansted, booked a ticket and flown to a random destination – all to report back to you, of course.

Total madness at Ko Phi Phi Island for less than $25

So, what holiday treasures can be uncovered?


You might not know much about Slovakia’s capital, Bratislava – and if not, you’re missing out on an architectural treat.

Bratislava’s Old Town

Awash with the kind of central European architecture you’d see in a Bram Stoker novel, the city is a tribute to its surroundings, with extravagant vineyards providing an excellent counterpoint to these boxy buildings.

It’s a region filled with enough castles to shake a medieval sword at. Bratislava Castle is the main one in the region, standing on an isolated hill on the Little Carpathians. It boasts tremendous views from a rocky outcrop – but you’ll be most gobsmacked by the castle itself.


Cagliari is an Italian municipality and the capital of the island of Sardinia – and it’s the perfect location to soak up some sun.

Indeed, the capital glimmers in sunlight, and the best place to enjoy it is on Poetto Beach. It’s a small beach, but not as busy as on some Italian hotspots.

Breath-taking Cagliari. Photo credit: Pier Paolo Lampis

And if you ‘d like to brush up on your Italian language skills, Cagliari hosts a regular language network where students and ERASMUS members meet up to chat in their non-native tongue. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet with a few likeminded people.

Nature lovers should head to Parco Natural Regionale Molentargius Saline, a park featuring an array of beautifully colored birds, including a lagoon of flamingos. Can you think of a better way to spend a day?


Crete is an island with a rich history. It’s tied into the rich tapestry of Greek mythology, of romantic voyages and grand constructions. But Chania, the second largest city in Crete, relies on more than myth to pull in the tourists.

Awash with museums and beaches, this is a small city in which to relax. You’ll feel fully refreshed by the time your nine-to-five is knocking on your door.

Have you ever been enslaved by your 9-5 job?


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