Best 40L Backpack

As we all know, the best backpacks are versatile and functional. They need to be able to hold everything you need for your day-to-day life while still being stylish enough that you want to carry it around with you. The 40L backpack is one of the most popular sizes because they’re just big enough for school and work essentials without being too bulky or heavy on your back. This post will give a detailed breakdown of some of the best 40L backpacks currently available!

Best 40L Backpack

What is the Best 40L Backpack?

We have compiled for you the top 7 Best 40L Backpack in 2024. In this article we go through the products that we have used ourselves, checked what other users thought about them and we ranked them accordingly.

With years of experience with backpacks that are 40L and having used several 40L backpacks you can trust our review.

Moreover, you can scroll to the end of this review to see our mini buying guide as well as the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about 40L backpacks.

1. Osprey Fairview 40 Womens Travel Backpack

Osprey Fairview 40 Womens Travel Backpack
Price: 💲💲💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Capacity: 40 liters
Size: 21 x 14 x 9 inches (53.3 x 35.6 x 22.9 cm)

When it comes to wanderlust adventures, the Osprey Fairview 40 Women’s Travel Backpack checks all the right boxes. Built smartly to comply with most airline carry-on size norms, this backpack eliminates the need for check-in baggage, making your trips hassle-free. Designed for women, it prioritizes comfort and space, evident in its large zip-access main compartment, lockable sliders, and a women-centric back panel, hip belt, along with a harness system.

Constructed to handle a heavy load, the Fairview 40 backpack ensures maximum user comfort. Its padded shoulder straps, adaptable and stowable hip belt and harness, distribute your load evenly, making long trips less tiring. With both inner and outer compression straps, this backpack keeps your belongings secure and stable.

Unique in design, it features a stowaway back panel to give the pack a streamlined aesthetic. However, keeping in view of the traveler’s needs, this backpack may not satisfy everyone.


  • Well-shaped backpack straps,Removable harness and waist belt,Securing contents via compression straps,Streamlined profile from stowaway back panel


  • May not suit all user preferences

2. REEBOW GEAR Tactical Backpack

REEBOW GEAR Tactical Backpack
Price: 💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Capacity: 40 liters
Size: 21 x 13 x 11 inches (53.3 x 33 x 27.9 cm)

Reebow Gear tactical backpack is a high-performance backpack for outdoors and everyday use. Its generous compartments feature multiple pockets for organizing your stuff, while the wrap-around molle system allows you to attach extra gear. It is good value for money with good quality construction and durability. However, some of the features like the waist straps will break with time if you’re a heavy-duty user. It is relatively comfortable to carry with the padded and ventilated back and shoulder straps. The best feature is that it almost looks like an ordinary backpack, which is great for other everyday uses apart from camping and outdoors. It is the best tactical backpack under $50 if you’re looking for an affordable military-style EDC backpack.


  • Wrap-around molle system for attaching extra gear,
  • Side and front load compression system to keep it compact,
  • Generous 40L carrying capacity,
  • Comfortable padding on the shoulder straps,
  • Generous interior space for outdoors,
  • Simple and affordable


  • Straps and zippers are not durable

3. FENGDONG Waterproof Lightweight Backpack

FENGDONG Waterproof Lightweight Backpack
Price: 💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Capacity: 40 liters
Size: 20.5 x 13 x 7.1 inches (52.1 x 33 x 18 cm)
Material: Polyester
Water Resistant: Yes

The FENGDONG is a lightweight backpack at only 1.9 pounds. It features an extra thick and anti-abrasion polyester fiber construction for durability. The backpack also features a 40L multi-compartment design with one main pocket, an inner zip pocket, and two side pockets to fit all your items.

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It also features breathable mesh padding on the back panel and shoulder straps, while the adjustable hip strap helps to distribute its weight on your back. All stress points are reinforced with bar tacking to withstand loading stress and to ensure long term use.

The FENGDONG Waterproof Lightweight Backpack’s upright design allows for comfort even when it is full. The bottom of the backpack has straps for extra items like a sleeping bag or other equipment. I would recommend this backpack for outdoor adventures and traveling.


  • It is easily foldable for storage,
  • Bar-tacking reinforcement for durability,
  • Ergonomic padded shoulder straps and back support,
  • Comes with an adjustable hip belt


  • Poor quality zippers,
  • Does not compact into a pouch,
  • Outer fabric is not waterproof

4. Kelty Womens Redwing 40 Backpack

Kelty Womens Redwing 40 Backpack
Price: 💲💲💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Capacity: 40 liters
Weight: 2 pounds (0.91 kg)
Size: 23 x 14 x 12 inches (58.4 x 35.6 x 30.5 cm)

Delve into adventures with the Kelty Women’s Redwing 40 backpack. It’s a lightweight and compact travel option, making it ideal for women who prefer a less bulky design. With cleverly designed open and zipper side pockets, this backpack ensures all your essentials are easily accessible as you hit the trail or navigate bustling city streets.

The innovative and highly-acclaimed Kelty design caters to a woman’s silhouette phenomenally, especially for those of smaller stature. It features custom-fitted shoulder straps and a well-padded hip belt to distribute the load evenly, reducing the strain on your back and shoulders.

More than just a backpack, this dynamic 40L option is engineered for all sorts of outdoor excursions. It boasts loops for attaching an ice axe or trekking poles, demonstrating its functionality and versatility. Additionally, the large side compression straps secure your gear for optimum stability.

While the backpack impresses with its superior design, its breathable Dynamic AirFlow back panel is truly a standout. This game-changing feature enhances comfort and reduces sweat, making your blazing summer hikes or treks less exhaustive.


  • Custom shoulder straps and hip belt, built to fit a woman’s body,
  • Dynamic AirFlow back panel keep your load stable and comfortable,
  • Breathable back design to save you from sweating on super hot days


  • Lacks rain cover, making it not entirely waterproof,
  • Limited size may not suffice for longer journeys

5. Venture Pal Hiking Backpack

Venture Pal Hiking Backpack
Price: 💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Material: Nylon
Wheels: No
Water Resistant: Yes
Waterproof: No

Venture Pal Backpack is a commendable choice for those seeking a spacious yet affordable hiking pack. What truly sets it apart is a cleverly incorporated wet pocket intended to isolate damp or soiled items from the rest of your belongings. This might be particularly beneficial for long, strenuous hikes where changes of clothes and weather conditions could play a significant part. Sporting a whopping 40L carrying capacity, the Venture Pal backpack effortlessly accommodates your necessities without sacrificing ease and comfort. It presents a generously proportioned main compartment supplemented by a zippered front pocket and two easy-access side pockets for smaller items. Despite its ample dimensions, this backpack adheres to an ergonomic design, bearing your comfort in mind and easily transforming into a portable pouch when not in use for convenient storage. In terms of longevity, Venture Pal doesn’t skimp. Its sturdy, heavy-duty zippers attest to its enduring durability. Moreover, a chest strap with a buckle contributes to distributing the load evenly, providing extra support and ease during your adventurous pursuits.


  • Wet pocket provision for separating damp/soiled itemsErgonomically designed for comfort and storageRobust zippers ensure lasting durabilityBalanced weight distribution with chest clip and buckle


  • Slick material not suitable for single shoulder carry
  • Limited padding may affect comfort on long hikes.

6. Tacticon 24BattlePack Tactical Backpack

Tacticon 24BattlePack Tactical Backpack
Price: 💲💲💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)

Meet the Tacticon 24BattlePack, your new go-to tactical backpack. Not just a simple bag, but a reliable outdoor companion. Tailored to adjust to your needs, this impressive bag comes with adjustable retention straps, allowing you to modify the capacity from a compact 20L to a spacious 40L. Perfect for that extra layer of clothing or additional gear you might want to bring along on your trip. A standout feature of the 24BattlePack is its padded laptop pocket, elevating it from a mere adventure gear to an everyday essential. With the addition of its mollle straps and accessory compartments, versatility really is the name of the game here. To combat the elements, the backpack has a waterproof interior lining, ensuring your items stay dry no matter the conditions outdoors.

For the adventure enthusiasts, a handy insulated hydration bladder compartment has been incorporated, complete with a drink tube access hole and hanging clips. An extra touch that speaks to the 24BattlePack’s thought-out design is the velcro concealed carry handgun holster and polymer D-rings for carabiner attachment, making it truly an outdoor adventure ally.

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  • Double-stitched seams enhance durability.
  • Capacity adjustable from 20L to 40L for flexibility. Interior lining is water-resistant for item protection. Zippers are heavy-duty and waterproof for added security.


  • andling heavy loads may be uncomfortable due to narrow shoulder straps.
  • Waist straps might be shorter than desired.

7. Shrradoo Travel Backpack

Shrradoo Travel Backpack
Price: 💲 (fewer 💲 = cheaper)
Weight: 1.76 pounds (0.8 kg)
Size: 18.9 x 12.6 x 7.9 inches (48 x 32 x 20.1 cm)
Material: Nylon
Wheels: No
Water Resistant: Yes
Waterproof: No

Improve your travel experience with the Shrradoo Travel Laptop Backpack, a well-designed travel companion accommodating all your adventures. Crafted with high-density nylon lining, the backpack ensures durability, resisting wear and tear along your journeys. Besides, the water-resistant feature adds a fantastic bonus, so unexpected downpours need not worry you. Living up to its name of a ‘travel laptop backpack’, it boasts a separate, flat compartment at the back. This thoughtful design allows for the safekeeping of laptops up to 15.6 inches, a neat feature for digital nomads and business travelers alike. While practicality features heavily in its design, comfort is not overlooked. With foam-padded top handles and adjustable shoulder straps outfitted with a breathable sponge mesh design, carry comfort is guaranteed. The built-in charging port is another plus, making electronic device charging on-the-go swift and convenient. Meanwhile, the added luggage strap contributes further to this backpack’s travel-friendly allure.


  • High-density nylon lining offers water and tear resistanceDedicated compartment for laptops up to 15.6 inchesComfort-oriented design with foam-padded handles and breathable strapsConvenient built-in USB charging port


  • Zippers could be of higher quality


To summarize, we have gone through dozens of 40L backpacks and decided that 7 are worth your consideration. Out of these, the absolute Best 40L Backpack is Osprey Fairview 40 Womens Travel Backpack which we highly recommend as our overall best.

If money is not an issue, you can consider Osprey Fairview 40 Womens Travel Backpack as this is our Premium Pick.

Otherwise, there’s no shame in spending prudently, FENGDONG Waterproof Lightweight Backpack is the Budget Option.

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What You Should Know Before Buying 40L backpacks

Backpack materials

Factors such as the materials used for the pack’s construction and its inner framework do contribute to its weight, but that’s not the complete story. The backpack’s design, specifically how well it balances your load and how comfortable it is when worn, plays a significant role in determining how heavy it feels.

It’s noteworthy to mention that backpacks designed and sized for women are generally lighter than their male counterparts. So, to shave off a few pounds, you might want to consider this option. Take a look at these fantastic ladies rucksacks we’ve scoped out for you. On average, a lightweight backpack weighs less than four pounds. Light, right? With the right choice, you can ease up your travel and make your adventures even more enjoyable.

Balance and Weight

The backpack itself shouldn’t add to your burden. Factors such as the materials used for the pack’s construction and its inner framework do contribute to its weight, but that’s not the complete story. The backpack’s design, specifically how well it balances your load and how comfortable it is when worn, plays a significant role in determining how heavy it feels.

It’s noteworthy to mention that backpacks designed and sized for women are generally lighter than their male counterparts. So, to shave off a few pounds, you might want to consider this option. Take a look at these fantastic ladies rucksacks we’ve scoped out for you. On average, a lightweight backpack weighs less than four pounds. Light, right? With the right choice, you can ease up your travel and make your adventures even more enjoyable.

Fit and Comfort

The features to pay particular attention to are the shoulder straps and the waist or hip belt.

Shoulder straps play a key role in making the bag comfortable to carry. While padded straps may add a bit more weight to the pack, they are certainly worth it. These cushioned straps ensure that regardless of how weighty your pack may be, instant relief is provided by preventing the straps from digging into your shoulders.

The two main types of straps you’ll encounter are stabilizer straps and sternum straps. Stabilizer straps aid in evenly distributing your pack’s weight, offering a lifting effect that alleviates tension on your shoulders. The sternum, on the other hand, aids in weight distribution, efficiently averting the pack from slipping off your shoulders. It’s this balancing act that ensures a snug and effortless carry.

Another subjective preference may be to choose a backpack with hip or waist belts. Not only do these additions provide a more tailored fit, but they also divert strain from your back, making your hiking experience more comfortable. They take on some of the load, allowing your larger hip muscles to carry a portion of the weight. In the end, the choice of a backpack should be based on comfort, fit, and personal preference. Always remember to decide based on what makes you most comfortable during your travel or outdoor adventure. After all, you will be the one wearing it, so it’s important to pick what feels best for you.

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How to choose the right style of a backpack

Choosing the ideal backpack style primarily depends on your own taste and functional requirements. Presently, most backpacks fall into one of two types: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal backpacks typically feature a main compartment located closer to the base of the bag, with a smaller top pocket. The design is quite popular due to its duality–not only is it a backpack, but the shoulder straps also allow it to function as a briefcase. Furthermore, horizontal backpacks often have side pockets, perfect for carrying water bottles or smaller items. Vertical backpacks, on the other hand, are geared more towards hikers or other outdoors enthusiasts. Unlike the horizontal variant, the main compartment is generally on top with smaller front pockets that could either be zippered or left open. A standout feature is its external water bottle holder design, which offers effortless accessibility on the go.

In summary, your choice essentially boils down to whether you prioritize utility (horizontal backpacks) or accessibility (vertical backpacks). So, think about your specific needs and circumstances before making a decision. Regardless of the style, ensure that it’s both comfortable to wear and satisfies your storage requirements.

Backpack care tips

Maximize the lifespan of your backpack by following these easy care instructions. Here are ways to maintain its quality:

Avoid Hanging on Branches – It may be tempting to hang your backpack on a tree for efficient drying, but this can result in damage. This compromises the durability of the straps and the safety of your devices inside, especially during rain. Easy Cleaning – Mild soap and water are all you need to clean the interior of your backpack. Follow up with a rub from a dry cloth and warm water to prevent mildew growth. Proper Storage – A dry environment keeps your backpack in good condition. Store it in a clean, dry space like an attic or a basement in between uses to prevent dirt accumulation. Neat Folds Only – Position your backpack neatly in its pouch when not in use. If you don’t have a pouch, ensure it is enclosed in a closet where its edges are safeguarded by other items. Regular Wash – Hand-washing your backpack once monthly helps get rid of accumulated dirt or water. If an outing is upcoming, consider washing it more often. Interior Maintenance – Clean the inner main compartment by wiping from top to bottom, ensuring dirt doesn’t settle in the bottom section. Mold Treatment – Spotted black marks on your backpack? Mildew might be the culprit. Deter its growth by wiping off with a diluted vinegar solution, and rinsing with warm water. Finally, let it air dry outdoors before reusing. Remember, the life of your backpack largely depends on your care routine. The better your pack is maintained, the longer it will accompany you on exciting adventures!

Questions and Answers About 40L backpacks

Is 40L backpack enough for a week?

The answer to this question depends on what you are doing in the week, and where you are going. If you’re just using it for day hikes or going camping then it’s perfect. If you are going to be doing any kind of climbing, camping overnight, or anything that requires carrying a lot of gear then it’s probably not enough. For a city break, it may be enough, provided you only need to bring your personal essentials while everything else is provided for you. In that case, it’s perfect as a carry on for your flight!

Is a 40L size backpack enough for a day hike?

A 40L size backpack is plenty for a day hike. However, if you’re hiking in cold weather or carrying heavy gear, you may want to get a bigger one.

Is a 40L backpack carry-on?

There are two rules you need to follow in order for a backpack to be carry-on. Firstly, it cannot exceed the size of a piece of carry-on luggage and secondly, it cannot weigh more than 10kgs.
A 40-liter backpack is fine in terms of the size to be used as a carry-on bag for most airlines. However, it’s important to remember that there are different airline standards for what is considered a carry on, so it’s important to check with the airline before you fly. A 40-liter backpack can also be too large for some airlines.

What is considered a lightweight backpack?

A lightweight backpack is determined by the material used in its construction. They use lighter fabrics such as polypropylene and nylon which are durable. These bags also have a lower denier count of no more than 420D which is not too thick hence not heavy.

Is ultralight backpack good for running?

Ultralight backpacks are good for casual runners because they are lightweight. They also don’t have a lot of extra compartments which means there is less weight to carry and it’s not too complicated to get into the main compartment while on the move.
If you plan on running with an ultralight backpack, I would recommend a backpack with a chest strap to help tighten the load when running. The backpack should also have thick shoulder straps to help distribute the weight evenly.

How much weight is safe to carry in a backpack to work?

There should never be more than 10% to 15% of your body weight in a backpack if you are carrying it for an extended period of time. This is because the strain can cause injuries and pain to your back. If you’re only carrying a backpack with less than 10% of your body weight, then you shouldn’t feel any pain or discomfort that would indicate injury.

What size travel backpack should you get?

The size that you should get for your travel backpack mainly depends on your needs. If you don’t have a lot to travel with, you can simply choose a backpack with 30-40 liters of storage. However, if you have a lot of stuff to carry, it is recommended to get a backpack above 50 liters.

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