Big Announcement: Agness Is Moving To Holland

“Everything that has a beginning comes to an end.”

Marcus Fabius Quintilianus
Enjoying my first days in Amsterdam

It’s time to say goodbye to Asia

After over 3 years of constant voyages across Asia, I decided to get back to Europe for 12 months. In September 2014 I start my master’s degree in New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) combined with a part-time job I was kinda dreaming about!

UvA Info brochure

I could not be happier to get accepted to this programme and trust me, it was not easy to get through the application process (I did my bachelor’s degree in Education formerly). For the last few months living in China, I had been preparing myself mentally and financially for this big change, so I’m ready to take Europe big time!

Picturesque Amsterdam

Future (travel) plans

Moving to Holland is another part of my travel experience. It’s a new adventure I can’t wait for. Although I’ll mainly focus on my studies, I’m planning on seeing all of the hidden gems of the Netherlands and (of course) blog about them. I’m on a mission to discover Dutch cuisine (that’s my favorite part I won’t lie to you), traditions, culture and people’s mentality.


My travel plans are not limited to Holland only. I’ve already made a list of countries I’m going to visit during my stay in Europe. It starts from France, Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Croatia and ends up in Estonia and Iceland. As I’ll be living so close to my home country (Poland), it’s going to be a great opportunity to get familiar with some underrated travel destinations here as well.

Wakacje - Zagan1
Celebrating a new chapter of my life at home in Poland

Like it or not (I hope you like it though), but there is going to be a lot of $25 a day posts from Europe on eTramping and I’ll make sure to travel as cheap as possible.

Wakacje - Zagan
Catching up with my favourite food in Poland

Why Holland?

That’s the question many ask. In my eyes, Holland is charming and laid back. Amsterdam is fascinating, with a rich history and some of the world’s best cultural offerings and there is a huge international community there. I’ve already made friends with fellow travel bloggers who live and work there so meeting new amazing people is never a problem there. The city itself is so beautiful -canals, bikes and beautiful buildings. What more could you ask for?

Fun in Amsterdam

Besides, there are plenty of events going on in Amsterdam so I won’t get bored, that’s for sure.

Dutch bike

How About Cez?

Cez decided to extend his stay in China for another year. Although we do split up and I will proudly call myself a solo female traveler soon, we are still going to run eTramping together.

Nothing changes here at all. We will just communicate through Skype, e-mails, phone and of course Facebook. Things are going to be as usual and the only one thing that changes is our location. By the way, we spent this summer together traveling around Zagan – my hometown.

Road trip!

 Who is excited about me moving to Holland? Hands up!


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130 thoughts on “Big Announcement: Agness Is Moving To Holland”

  1. Wishing you both the best of luck for an exciting and different year!

    Study rather than being the teacher will be an interesting change for you Agness. Although I know how dedicated you are so it will undoubtedly be a resounding success.

    Also being European based will provide a wealth of travel (and blog post) opportunities. I can’t wait to see what you create over the next year.

    As for Cez, it will be exciting to see how he gets on in China. I know he’s been very busy whilst based there so I look forward just as much to his updates.

    Wishing you both every success.

    1. Agness Walewinder

      Thank you so much the Guy!
      You were actually one of the first people I’ve shared my plans with! Wishing you safe flights as well and hope to meet you somewhere in Europe :-)!

      1. Agness Walewinder

        I’ve completed the whole course which took me nearly 9 months! Super useful and effective.

  2. I started reading and my first thought was… I hope you didn’t invite all your readers for our housewarming haha :D

  3. Yay! Congratz, Agness. Best wishes for your new chapter of life (and travel) :D
    I’ll visit you when I happen to travel to Amsterdam again. I can’t wait to read you stories.
    Just got back from Iceland and I loved it there. Hopefully you will make it there soon too *hugs*

  4. Karyn @ Not Done Travelling

    Wow, how exciting! Congratulations on getting in to the course! Good luck to both of you as you spend this next year solo.

  5. Jazza - NOMADasaurus

    No doubt this was a well thought out decision, Agness. I’m excited for you! I hope you don’t suffer too much from the reverse culture shock! Enjoy every moment!

  6. How exciting! I can’t wait to read all about this. I love that you’ll be exploring places closer to me – it means I can actually do them!

  7. “Everything that has a beginning comes to an end.”

    When I saw this, I was like, WTF??!! I thought you both are going to close down the blog! Thank god it is just a false alarm.

    PS: I’d love to be invited to a pierogi party!

  8. woo hoo what an exciting new change! I love reading your blog and love europe, so this is going to be great for me too :) Hope you get settled nicely

  9. Congrats,Agness!I can imagine how many papers you’ve need to fill in while your application. Guess it’s the worth part of getting education…Yet, I hope your year in Holland would be a blast! :)

    Would look forward to your posts about Europe and come to France! It’s not the cheapest place for sure…yet you can survive on 25$ a day and the food is…well gorgeous!

  10. I look forward to following your upcoming European travels, Agness! I am so glad that Bulgaria is included, and I eagerly await your impressions.

    Oh, but why aren’t you visiting Israel in the coming year?

    Safe journeys!

  11. I’m ridiculously excited for you just reading about it – after all, you couldn’t have picked a more awesome city to move to!

    I’m very jealous Miss, and will be looking forward to reading about all your European adventures as well as about Amsterdam life.

  12. Micamyx|Senyorita

    Congratulations Agness! This is good news! Looking forward to your posts about Europe and it would be helpful if you’d also share some digital marketing tactics from time to time :P

  13. Cassandra Gambill

    Cez–Kuddos to you for staying another year in China despite your injury this past year!

    Agnes–Congrats on your master’s program acceptance–Media and Digital Culture sounds perfect for a digital explorer like you!

    Europe will be a big change from Asia, and I look forward to seeing what comparisons and contrasts you will draw between them.

    If you’re ever passing through Madrid, let me know!

    1. Agness Walewinder

      Thanks a lot!!!! I’ve been to Madrid already this summer, but I fell in love with the city and I’ll be back soon!

  14. Whoop whoop! Europe finally has you back ;-) Congrats on getting on the course, you must be so excited for this new adventure! Looking forward to learning more about Holland on Etramping, and it’s great to read that your new relocation doesn’t stop you and Cez from doing what you already do on here! Good luck darling X

  15. Steph (@ 20 Years Hence)

    Wow! What a big change for you, Agness, but one I am confident you will thrive on! It will be really interesting to read about your life as an expat in Holland and also all the new travel adventures you have while in that part of the world. Good luck & I’m so glad to see that everything is working out so well for you!

  16. I am so excited for your Agness! You will have to keep me informed. Lucky you. You will see all the places I have only dreamed of… Poland is one country I really want to see as well. I hope you’ll do a guest blog for me to tell my readers of wonders of your travel adventures! Take care my friend and be safe.

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