Ways to Travel the World on a Tight Budget

We are all looking for that thrill that only comes when we are doing the one thing we love. We all want to feel alive every moment of our existence. One way of looking forward to something is to leave the comfort of what we know and are familiar with and dare venture to the great unknown. Sometimes all you need to feel the thrill of life is the courage to leave home and dare to explore the world set before you.

This feeling when you hit the road, so unforgettable.

But sometimes despite all the courage you may have, you may end up having to stay at home  because of the money constraints. Stay and be content with your everyday life without ever knowing the wonders waiting out there for you. But there is a way out of this situation.

Let’s pack together for the next adventure.

That’s whyI  am here to open the gates of a chance for you; new ways for you to explore the world even on a tight budget.

Research your trips well and travel cheaply

It is imperative that you know where you are going and how you are getting there, flights, train, cycling, hitchhiking, etc. Know the conditions you will find there, the opportunities, the hardships and anything you may require on your way to have the best moments of your life on these trips.

Do your research before you set off. Check your next destination online using your phone or laptop.

To do that, you need to seek the cheapest ways and routes possible. We are trying to beat the need to have millions to travel, by traveling for less than $25 a day ourselves. So, find ways that will be cheap for you to get from one place to the next. Know where you might find a cheap hotel, like the Sun Bright Hotel in Chinatown New York for only $10 a night. And most importantly; plan your budget and try to stick to it no matter what.

Work while you travel

Different places hold different fascinations for different people. At times you will find yourself in a place that you will want to spend more than others.

Teaching English in China can be not only a great cultural experience, but also a good source of income.

It is, therefore, important that you seek work opportunities in all the places you decide to settle for a while. This will provide you with the time to get to know new people, new environment, and earn money to discover other places along the way. There will be endless opportunities of work; farmhands in farming nations, cruise member on the cruise ships, English teaching jobs in China; and you can also work online while on your travels; this is perfect as you can work from anywhere given there is an internet connection.

Cycle around the world

Talking of traveling cheap, have you considered the joy that you feel as the wind rush through your hair. Beautiful lands, every wonder at close range, a worry-free escapade with no time constraints. Going to every place you ever dreamt of, enjoying every adventure and moving at your own pace. Cycling is the best opportunity to achieve just that. Cycling from place to place gives you limitless opportunities to dare, opportunities to dream and feel the thrill of life as you discover, learn and appreciate just how beautiful life can be.

Cycling can save your money when traveling and burn some extra calories! :)

Hitchhike around the world

The other fun of traveling is hitchhiking. Well, I know some of you are afraid of strangers and the unknown, but I can assure you that there is tremendous joy in walking up the road and waiting for the truck driver that you don’t know and asking for a ride to the next town, the next city or, why not, the next country. Be brave enough to risk, be courageous enough to dare and no amount of strange looks will stop you from hitchhiking your way around the world. Just make sure you have a backup plan (and some pepper gas) to stay safe.

What other ways do you recommend for traveling on a tight budget?


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