Top Attractions to Visit in Vietnam

We can bet our bottom dollar (or dong – the currency of Vietnam), that if you mention the name of this misunderstood and mysterious land around the world, the first thing that people think of is the twenty-year conflict that ravaged the country.

That and the hundreds of Vietnam War movies it spawned, including the Robin Williams cult classic that is as funny as it is poignant. While the war will always leave a scar on the region – and indeed many attractions are a result of it – there is so much more to your potential Vietnam trip than its darker past.

Vietnam landscape

After all, this is the country that inspired Cez to realize that a desk job was not for him and he wanted to travel the world instead. So to encourage you to visit Vietnam, we’ve put together a list of the must-see attractions from this stunningly diverse culture.

Ho Chi Minh City

More commonly abbreviated to HCMC, the capital of Vietnam is perhaps more famously known as Saigon – star of stage and screen for its role in the Vietnam war. Now named after Ho Chi Minh – a revolutionary communist leader – the city has a colorful history reflected in its attractions today.

Ho Chi Minh City

A must see is the War Remnants Museum, housing some incredible educational exhibitions relating to the conflict, and the famous Cu Chi Tunnel, a network of underground tunnels used to hide Vietcong fighters and villagers.

Vietnamese food

It is now the most visited attraction in the city – but not for the claustrophobic! But it’s not all doom and gloom in the city, as you’ll enjoy some delicious food on the streets of this vibrant, multicultural metropolis. See if you can work up the courage to try the spiders – but you simply can’t miss HCMC if you’re visiting Vietnam.

Tam Coc

Cez believes that Tam Coc is the most beautiful place in Vietnam, and he’s certainly got a good case, with its dramatic rock formations, caves, and river systems.

Translated into English, the name literally means three caves, and is one of the country’s most popular destinations with locals. You won’t find that many western tourists here, but that is likely to change – so see it when it is still relatively unspoiled.

The whole region is a UNESCO world heritage site, and it consists of three, natural caves sitting on the Ngô Đồng River. You can hire boats with local women as guides to explore the limestone Karst system and the surrounding paddy fields for a really authentic

Vietnamese experience. It is simply stunning and not to be missed.

Ninh Binh

Tam Coc is actually located in the province of Ninh Binh and is accessed from the area, but don’t overlook the rest of this gorgeous region in the north of the country.

We visited this sumptuous scenery during our Vietnam cycling trip when we covered most of the country from the back of a saddle. But worry not, you can get there comfortably from Hanoi in just 2 hours.

Binh Binh, Vietnam

Make sure you visit the Bai Đính Temple complex, which is home to the largest Buddha statue in Southeast Asia. Phát Diệm Cathedral is reputed to be the most beautiful church in the country and took 24 years to complete.

The Trang An Grottoes are a larger cave system than Tam Coc but nowhere near as beautiful, and don’t miss the nearby 15th Century Bich Dong Pagoda – located here because of the beauty of the landscape. Beautiful photographs guaranteed.

Ha Long Bay

It was a tough ride for us to Ha Long Bay, mainly because of the heat, but it was so worth it and no visit to Vietnam would be complete without it.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Like Tam Coc, it is also a UNESCO world heritage site and consists of thousands of caves, islands, and grottoes dotted into the sea that transforms the area into an ethereal paradise.

Ha Long Bay

Perhaps the best way to experience the limestone pillars and karsts is with a paddle in your hand sitting in a sea kayak, or from the deck of a traditional Junk – but be aware that scenery this stunning will always attract the tourists – so you’re not going to be alone!

Da Nang

The third largest city in Vietnam is also home to its friendliest Nationals, arguably one of the most hospitable places we’ve ever experienced in all our travels. When you’re not enjoying the warm welcome, make sure to cross the famous Dragon Bridge, a 666-metre long crossing that literally looks like an enormous dragon making its way over the River Hàn! It even lights up and spits fire during the weekends! You won’t be able to miss Da Nang Cathedral if you tried – because it’s colored bright pink! Built by French Catholics, you’ll find great views from the top of the city from the bell tower.

Vietnam scenery

If you’re still hankering after nature, make the 7 km trip to the Marble Mountains, for a further fix of marble and limestone caves, peppered with Buddhist pagodas. Check out the surrounding villages for marble sculpture souvenirs – a specialty in these parts.

Nha Trang

We’ve not yet mentioned beaches, and if you’re visiting Vietnam – you need to mention beaches. Nha Trang isn’t going to be for everyone, especially if you’re looking for a quieter experience, but the stunning setting, beautiful sandy beach, and brilliant blue waters are worth a look alone.

Ho Chi Minh City street

It’s not all beach bar and nightlife though, and if you’re not all “pagoda’s out”, visit the Long Son Pagoda to see a 79ft, white Buddha. There’s some modern dining to be found too, with the center enjoying a recent renovation. Nearby, you can take an excursion to Monkey Island. Have a guess why it’s called that?!

Vietnamese boat

Although it’s been a while since we first cut our teeth on travel adventures together and completed our cycling adventure there, Vietnam still lives long in the memory, and we’d go back in a heartbeat. From the hospitality to the cuisine, the culture to the landscape, the activities to the sights, this country has an abundance of attractions to suit every traveler and is likely to be one of the most inspiring places you could visit. If you’ve not been you need to go, and if you have been, you need to go again!

Who has been to Vietnam and do you have any top picks for places to see that we should have included?


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19 thoughts on “Top Attractions to Visit in Vietnam”

  1. love Vietnam! Great post!
    Strange to me it was so hot in Halong Bay for you… because it was FREEZING when I was there. It was freak and unexpected weather, but it was 12-15 degrees whilst I was there and everyone on the boat got a cold! so very bizarre! It was still beautiful though.

  2. Pooja @lostinprettyeurope

    Wow looks beautiful! But I can’t imagine Vietnam being a beach destination with great snorkeling/diving etc. The sights and cities look gorgeous however. And I think I’d enjoy the food as well :D Ha Long Bay is so picturesque! Reminds me of El Nido that I recently visited in the Philippines.

  3. Hi Agness! To be honest, Vietnam never ranked high on my list of priorities. But I finally visited the country a couple of months ago and now I really, really want to go back! I couldn’t do much in 10 days and the culture, the people, the fantastic photo opportunities really got under my skin. Now I’m hoping to return later this year. Fingers crossed!

  4. Great post! However, besides Halong Bay, I visited Lan Ha Bay which lies south and east of Cat Ba Town, the 300 or so karst islands and limestone outcrops of Lan Ha are just as beautiful as those of Halong Bay and have the additional attraction of numerous white-sand beaches. Lan Ha is really beautiful when exploring by cruise. In fact, I had 3 days to explore Lan Ha Bay- Halong Bay by La Pinta cruise. it’s amazing!. Therefore, if you have time for traveling to the place, you should check itinerary of La Pinta cruise to visit Lan Ha Bay

    1. Agness Walewinder

      Wow! Three days with a cruise sounds so much fun, Angella! I’ll definitely have a look at the La Pinta cruise. ;)

  5. Hi,
    Love your post about traveling in Vietnam. It’s surely an amazing country to visit. I don’t see Sapa mentioned in your blog which is absolutely stunning to see as well.

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