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Agness Walewinder

10 Evil Foods You Should Avoid in Asia

A list of top 10 evil foods you definitely have to watch out for when visiting Asia and some tips on how to cope with a food poisoning when it actually happens.

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Agness Walewinder

Beat Your 9-5 Routine

You’re handcuffed to your desk, a monkey at a typewriter filing and emailing and typing until you get RSI. It’s the nine-to-five grind, and huge swathes of the population suffer it every day. Well, we did that as well. Does it sound like your story?

Working Remotely
Cez Krol

What To Write About In Your Travel Blog When You’re Not Traveling

Blogging is all about interactions and audience. If you manage to serve both of these purposes at once, all the better for your blog. The travel blog should be focused on travel, but for some it’s hard to achieve when not traveling (like me at the moment when writing my master’s thesis).

Agness Walewinder

Ebook Recommendation: Pakistan Traveller

Tim of UrbanDuniya has recently successfully published his first Ebook called Pakistan Traveller. As we are highly recommending it to everyone, today’s post is to give your a brief insight of what Tim’s eBook is all about.

Agness Walewinder

Crazy Monkeys In Bali

Rule no. 1 when visiting Ubud Monkey Forest in Bali: NEVER TRUST MONKEYS no matter how cute and innocent they look like. Read the story to find out why.

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