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Agness Walewinder

Confessions of the World’s Worst Backpacker

Confessions of the world’s worst backpacker by Erika Jenkins from Tall Travels Blog. Lessons she has learned on the road and some behind the scenes spoilers!

Agness Walewinder

Living Like a Local in Saigon

I spent more than two weeks in Saigon living, or at least trying to, live like a local. I stayed in a hotel far away

Hong Kong
Agness Walewinder

Visiting Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Today I had a great day exploring Lantau Island where I visited Po Lin Monastery and world’s largest statue of seated Buddha. How did I

Hong Kong
Agness Walewinder

Hong Kong Welcome To!

Today at 11:15 am local time we finally arrived in Hong Kong Kowloon. It’s us enjoying the ferry cruise this afternoon after a long journey

Agness Walewinder

My Travel Bucket List

My bucket list always gets longer and longer as I become more and more adventurous with age. Traveling is so addictive and there is always

Agness Walewinder

Tramp in Beijing- Day 1, Part 2

We didn’t spend much time at the Temple of Heaven as it was closed 20 minutes after we had arrived there. The Temple was very

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