My Travel Bucket List

Spain part1 021My bucket list always gets longer and longer as I become more and more adventurous with age. Traveling is so addictive and there is always something more to see and explore for me. I decided to write all things I want to do or try to do before I kick the bucket and here it is:


1. Work for National Geographic or Lonely Planet

2. Publish a book about my adventures

3. Have sex on the beach

4. Ride a bike in Beijing

5. See the Terracotta Warriors, Xi’an, China

6. Have a dinner on the Pearl Tower in Shanghai

7. Go cycling across Australia

8. Fly business class

9. Make friends with Tibetan monks

10. Teach English in China

11. Donate to charity

12. Save someone’s life

13. Visit Madagascar

14. Have malaria and recover from it

15. Learn Chinese

16. Travel to 50 countries

17. Go Bungee jumping

18. Have a real sushi in Tokyo

19. Take part in a parade in Brazil

20. Ride an elephant in Thailand

21. Throw up on the plane

22. Swim naked in a river or sea

23. Have a real pizza in Italy

24. Have a coffee in French café

25. Get drunk in Russia

26. Speak fluent Spanish in Spain

27. Walk through London Bridge

28. Walk on the Great Wall of China

29. Kiss someone on the top of Eiffel Tower in Paris

30. See Angkor Wat in Cambodia

31. Take black-white picture the Taj Mahal in India

32. Get married spontaneously while traveling

33. Adopt an Asian baby

34. Go for Safari adventure in Africa

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35. Visit Iguazu Falls in Argentina

36. Take a picture with someone mega famous in LA

37. Go for all inclusive holiday

38. Go diving in Egypt

39. Learn to swim

40. Learn Hawaii dance

41. Visit Fiji

42. Fly back home for Christmas

43. Eat Kangaroo in Australia

44. Backpack for 5 years in a row

45. Surf in California

46. Ride a camel in Egypt

47. Live in Cambodia like a local

48. Go balloon riding in Peru

49. Work in a bar in Australia

50. Get a photo in Lonely Planet

51. Visit the Holy Land

52. Travel with Beata Pawlikowska (Polish most famous traveler and book writer)

53. Sleep in a car

54. Drink mojitos in the Philippines

55. Eat super spicy dinner in Sri Lanka

56. Eat chocolate and waffles in Brussels, Belgium

57. Visit the Acropolis with my mom

58. Drink martini in Hong Kong

59. Watch a bullfight in Madrid

60. See hundreds of penguins at Antarctica

61. Study abroad

62. Do my master’s degree in Australia

63. Have a Vietnamese coffee

64. Sleep at the airport

65. Attend the Carnival in Rio

66. Go cycling in Laos

67. Watch the cherry blossoms fall in Japan

68. Have a proper English breakfast in London

69. Survive a week in a wild jungle

70. Go partying in Ibiza

71. Swim with dolphins

72. Collect all Lonely Planet books

73. Visit Kjeragbolten in Norway

Well, I wish myself good luck with these plans :)



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      I’ve just updated this blog post so have a look and see. :) I’m quite impressed with what I’ve accomplished for the past few years!

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