Tramp in Beijing- Day 1, Part 2

We didn’t spend much time at the Temple of Heaven as it was closed 20 minutes after we had arrived there. The Temple was very busy due to the bank holiday so we had to queue to get in. It was a very sunny day. The sun was shining and the sky was purely blue :). The Temple looked stunning- huge, impressive and colorful!


I was so in pain that day. My feet were killing me. I had been walking too much and I wore my snickers for the first time so it was pretty uncomfortable. Therefore, I decided to take my shoes off and I was walking all the way back to the Tiananmen Square barefoot :)! That was a relief for my feet :) …

It was nearly 5 pm when we got back to the Tiananmen Square so we managed to see daily flag down ceremony. The crowd was lined up against the perimeter five people deep. All people were squashed and everyone tried to take some pictures so we just walked away and watched it from a distance with no pictures taken. We spent at least an hour to admire the stunning view of the Square at night surrounded by purple-yellow-blue-green fountains. So beautiful!


Seeing the Tiananmen Square at night was one of the best things I’ve seen in Beijing at this time.


In general, Beijing is all beautiful at night. Look at this building we passed by when coming back to our hostel. One of many there.


When we got to our hostel after a very productive day, we met two guys who share a room with us: Steve from America and Niklas from Sweden. That night, before we went to sleep, we had gone for a walk with Niklas who told us many stories happened to him while traveling and vice versa. We had a great time that night. We also had a nice conversation with Steve before we had left for our train back to Hunan province on Tuesday morning. What a pitty we didn’t speak to him easlier but we were too busy exploring Beijing. Wish both guys lots of adventures on their way!

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That’s Niklos and me strolling along the streets of Beijing.

We went back to hostel and took a shower. I was way too excited about the next day (the Great Wall of China and Summer Palace) and I couldn’t fall asleep that night.

Beijing, bring the day 2 on!!!

To be continued…



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