Have You Ever Heard Of The Indemann?

I visited Germany this summer. More precisely – Dusseldorf, Aachen and Eschweiler. One day, I was taken for a road trip by my sister who showed me a great place called the Indemann.

The Indemann Tower

Before heading there, I tried to search for more info about the place, but it seemed like not many travel bloggers went there. So here I am writing a post about undiscovered Indemann.

Me on top of the Indemann Tower

What’s the Indemann?

The Indemann is an Observation Tower located in Inden, a small town in Germany nearby Eschweiler (30 minute car drive). It is 118 foot tall and it’s made out of steel.

The Indemann

It was designed as a symbol of the structural-political evolution of a former mining district. Opened 24/7, it offers a wonderful view of the region.

The view of region from the top

The place looks wonderful at night as it’s decorated with lights which reflect off the round stainless steel wires and crates the impression of a three-dimensional hologram!

The view of region from the top
The view of region from the top

The Indemann has over 40,000 LEDs and it is a symbol of a bright future!


Getting to the Indemann

You can get here easily by Highway A4 when visiting the Netherlands or Belgium.

 What do you think about this place?

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34 thoughts on “Have You Ever Heard Of The Indemann?”

  1. Avatar of RealGunners

    Love that view of the windmills!
    I guess I can understand why not many travelers go there. It does seem a bit out of the way to drive 30 minutes just to visit an observation tower. Is there any other interesting things to see nearby?

  2. Avatar of Doreen Pendgracs

    Hi Agness. No, I hadn’t heard of the Indemann. Not sure if I’ll ever get there, as it would seem that the remainder of my life will be devoted to finding the finest chocolate and chocolate experiences, and I’m pretty sure I won’t find any there.

    1. Avatar of Agness Walewinder

      Hi Doreen. Great to hear from you ;-). Indemann is great for a few hour visit. I hope you can make it there in the future :-).

  3. Avatar of Rashmi

    Never knew this place existed! Its good to find unexpected places like these once in a while! The pictures are beautiful.

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